The Start of Stewards of Sustainability

Reported by Emma Bach

Early first semester, an informative meeting was held by Plant Services regarding the state of George Fox University’s (GFU) recycling, specifically the reasons for the removal of mixed recycling on campus. What came out of the meeting was not only answers and information, but a potential solution: the Stewards of Sustainability club.

Morgan Thaxter, a fourth-year student, is co-president of Stewards of Sustainability alongside Kristina Peterson, also a fourth-year student. As co-presidents, they run meetings, oversee general club organization, and make sure that a team of six officers — who aided in founding the club — have what they need to fulfill their roles properly.

“When we asked Plant Services if they planned to improve opportunities for students to be more responsible with our waste production, they responded that that was up to the students to do,” Thaxter said, “so we banded together to be that resource. We spent the rest of last semester gathering officers and learning how to be a club, and this semester we are ready for action.”

Stewards of Sustainability seeks to establish a community that is based on collaboration and support over different ideas about using our resources wisely.

“Our club aspires to be a resource for learning and empowerment for students who want to learn about how to live more sustainably and have opportunities to practice this in daily life,” Thaxter said. “George Fox has a great opportunity to raise questions and challenges to students regarding living a lifestyle of stewardship, and we want to help them do that.”

Currently, the club plans to hold a wide variety of events, ranging from beach cleanups to featured documentary showings. Despite having only just started, the Stewards of Sustainability club is already brainstorming for the future. Goals and projects in mind include a community garden, a compost program and reusable container programs to discourage waste.

Curious and considering joining? Good news — the Stewards of Sustainability club is always “eager for new recruits who are ready to learn and get involved.” Thaxter encouraged those who are interested to reach out and stay aware of club updates.

“Anyone and everyone are welcome to join all of our events!” Thaxter said. “Keep an eye out on our Instagram account @stewardsofsustainability, event announcements in the Daily Bruin, and posters around campus. Anyone who is interested in joining our team can contact me at or Kristina at to discuss attending our bi-monthly meetings.”