Meet Global Village Club

Reported by Danielle Brown

Global Village Club, formerly known as International Club, is an organization devoted to building relationships between international and domestic students at George Fox University (GFU).

Originally, Global Village Club was exclusively focused on offering international students a place they could gather and connect with others of similar backgrounds. However, since the club was established seven years ago, they have opened their doors to domestic students, creating connections cross-culturally.

Global Village Club holds monthly gatherings, such as bowling and movie nights, that are organized by their leadership team. Annually, they also arrange a day-trip to Mt. Hood every spring to take members skiing.

In addition, they have started a cultural partnership program which pairs a domestic student with an international student, giving them tasks to perform on campus, around Newberg, and even a few in Portland. This allows them the opportunity to hang out and form intentional relationships with each other.

“We provide an environment for people to come to know each other,” said Jeremy Qian, President of Global Village Club.

Global Village Club does more than provide connections for international students; it creates an open-minded community. Members are encouraged to remember that every individual comes from a different cultural background. You learn that your way is not the only way to do something right.

If you’re interested in participating in meeting new people, contact Jeremy Qian for more information about joining Global Village Club.

“We’re always open [to new members],” said Qian.