Why is GFU Hosting a Couples' Retreat?

Reported by Bianca Tarsia

“Ring before spring” is a phrase heard often around the George Fox University (GFU) campus. It’s a testament to how members of the community view dating. Given that GFU is a Christian institution, this serious attitude towards dating isn’t exactly surprising.

In an attempt to reach out to and bring people in significant romantic relationships together, there will be a relationship retreat held Feb. 8-10, hosted by the Office of Commuter Life and led by Kristi and Tyler Welker. All married, engaged or seriously dating couples are encouraged to attend, with a maximum capacity set at 30 people (15 couples).

The couples will spend a weekend housed somewhere along the Oregon Coast interacting with each other and the curriculum that Kristi and Tyler will be teaching. The latter is set by John Brown University’s Center for Healthy Relationships in Arkansas, a member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), who helps fund the retreat for GFU students.

This year’s guest speaker is, “Stu Grant; he is a family ministries pastor from The Woodlands, Texas,” Kristi shared. A month after the retreat, the “Great Date Night” will take place to serve as a kind of reunion between the couples, serving as a time that they can share what they are implementing from the retreat in their lives. The retreat theme is communication and the imperative role that it plays in all successful relationships.

While Kristi and Tyler will lead parts of the curriculum, there will be ample time set aside to roam about the beach and town with others. This will give attendees a chance to practice the information learned about communication while growing deeper in their relationships with partners and peers.

Jessica DaughertyComment