Lip Sync Success

Reported by Danielle Brown

George Fox University (GFU) students tore down the doors at 8:00 p.m. on November 2 to watch the annual Lip Sync Battle after waiting in line for an hour to fight for the best seats in Bauman Auditorium. Students put together their performances in a few short weeks for a chance to win $500. This year, four impressive acts killed it on stage: The Clock Boys, The Robin Quakers, The Recess and the Pieces and the GFU Women’s Soccer Team.

The opening act, The Clock Boys, had the crowd on its feet with the original music they performed, dressing in boxes inspired by the famed GFU clock tower and rocking dance moves.

The Robin Quakers followed them up with an amazing rendition of Mamma Mia that included a quirky storyline, rehearsed choreography and a special dedication to President Robin Baker. You couldn’t help but sing along.

The Recess and the Pieces, taking their inspiration from Queen Bee, had their lead man dress up as Beyoncé. The outfit consisted of a black leotard over white leggings and black, knee-high, high-heeled boots—the highlight of their performance. The crowd (and the judges) loved it, certainly making it an act to remember.

Finally, the GFU Women’s Soccer Team performed a mashup of various throwback artists including Miley Cyrus (pre- and post- Disney), Justin Bieber, One Direction, the Cheetah Girls and High School Musical. Playing off these inspired roles, the women dressed as each performer.

In the end, I think everyone in the audience agreed the judges were just as much a part of the show with their witty, critical, and wild comments that added even more laughter and enjoyment to the performances.

It was an all-around tough competition, but in the end, the GFU Women’s Soccer Team brought home the win—the first of three that weekend. The women followed it up with two home game wins against Whitworth University (3-0) and Whitman College (1-0).

Jessica DaughertyComment