Black History Month - Gaining Perspective: An Interview

Reported by Alicia Pacheco

Photographed by Jessica Holder

“Early middle school through late highschool I’ve been going to Christian schools most of my life and it was mostly white people I went to school with. Someone died in my city where there was a racist incident. A lot of the black people reflected on how sad it was. But a lot of people around weren’t the same race so they couldn’t understand the position I was in... A lot of my black friends were getting pulled over, I noticed more about 2 years ago.”

- Charles Smith


“It was uncomfortable. Coming from Tacoma where it was very diverse you never really noticed the separation like there is here at Fox. More black people hang out with themselves or Latinos...there still is an integration, but I still think a separation occurs because the story that each and every one of us has more in common with each other. It creates a bond.”

“I honestly think some white people don’t know how to deal with black people or other ethnicities.”

“Favorite road trip food is sour gummy worms.”

- Dominique Thibault



“I’m from Uganda East Africa, I came here to America in 2014. The change to America was amazing, it gave me a new perspective on life. I felt a little shy and awkward sitting in a classroom with a bunch of white people.”

“I opened up and talked to people about Africa.”

“Coming in, I could play any sport, I don’t know how, but I picked up tennis really quick. The food is so different, I love the buffet, you can eat everything, especially chicken.”

- Jonah Wafula


“I get a stare at least a few times a month. The stare goes on uncomfortably long and is followed by a look of disapproval or a frown. I’ve had several moments where at night a white male has spotted me from across campus and they follow me until I go inside a building. The worst instance was where I was walking with my headphones on and my hood up in the rain around 1 or 2 am. I walked out of the Hoover building and into the Hoover parking lot. I noticed the lights of a car on me, but I assumed it would pass over me quickly but the headlights stayed on me and they were the brights. The car followed me at a slow pace as I walked all the way around campus to where the football field was. I had to climb over the gate to where the track was because the car began to back me into the gate. I panicked because I didn’t know what was about to happen. I couldn’t tell if there were several people in the car or only one. It felt as though they were about to get out of the car and jump me.”

– Jerren Johnson