We Three

Reported by Danielle Brown

“We Three” is a musical group from McMinnville, Ore., who was a recent competitor on America’s Got Talent. They moved the audience and judges with their original songs that cut to the hearts of everyone listening, making it to the semi-final round.

Since this appearance, Joshua, Bethany and Manny Humlie have continued to pursue music, releasing their first album “We Three” last year and taking it to the road on their Lifeline tour this spring.

The siblings were immersed in music from a young age by their parents. Their father was in a band with his siblings before giving it up to care for his wife and children. With the help of their mother, he taught them how to play many different instruments. When the Humlie siblings are not pursuing their musical dream, they give music lessons in McMinnville.

Joshua plays the piano and drums while Manny plays the guitar and Bethany plays bass. However, each of them can trade instruments, adding depth to their sound. The We Three website describes their vocals as “complemented by lush harmonies that glide with superlative ease over complex arrangements that appear deliciously simple.”

Their songs are uplifting and personal. The first song they played on America’s Got Talent was called “Heaven’s Not Too Far” and is dedicated to their mother who lost her battle with cancer two years ago. Written from the point of view of the mother, the audience and judges were struck by the emotional intensity of the song.

The group is continuing their tour at various venues around the country, and will head to Seattle this month.

Jessica DaughertyComment