ASC Revamps

Reported by Ian Snively

Coming next election, the Associated Student Community (ASC) will reconstruct its system. The changes to the structure of ASC will primarily affect the vice president positions.

Currently, there are six ASC positions, excluding the executive vice president. They include the following: vice president of events; vice president of commuter life; vice president of representation; vice president of marketing; vice president of multi-cultural life; and vice president of finance. 

If you look at this year’s ASC Central Committee job application on the ASC website, you will notice the vice president of representation position is no longer available. In its place is the vice president of clubs and organizations position. Nehemiah Heye, president of the ASC, said the reason for this change is that the executive vice president is more focused on clubs and organizations, while his position is focused on student representation. 

“We decided to take the vice president of representation position,” said Heye, “which oversees all on-campus representation across living areas, and switch jobs with that of the main vice president. So now there’s the vice president of clubs position.”

By creating this new vice president position, Heye said the executive vice president can work more closely with the president and strengthen communication between them.

“The president and the vice president will be more of a ‘team’ in that sense,” said Heye. Having a separate vice president for clubs will also allow the ASC to interact more with the over 40 clubs on campus.