Basketball and Living-Area Competitions

Reported by Emma Bach

Friday afternoon kicked off the home openers for basketball in Wheeler Sports Center at George Fox University (GFU). First was the men’s game, which started at 3 p.m. Playing against the Poets from Whittier University, the game was tight, and the two teams were always within ten points of the other. By the end of the first half, the Bruins were scraping by with a 49-46 lead.

Halftime proved to be unexpectedly entertaining: the dance team provided a spirited performance, and a gift card giveaway competition — involving a large amount of tissues — between students of each living area ensued. There was even an attempt or two at a half-court shot (which, unfortunately, were unsuccessful).

The Bruins and Poets proved to be an equal match up until the end, and as the clocked ticked down, spectators began to get riled up. However, the Bruins prevailed and walked away with the win at 108-98.

The women’s game proved to be more precarious. The Bruins played against the University of St. Thomas at 7 p.m. St. Thomas was ranked 4th in the nation for women’s division three teams, while GFU was ranked 10th. The first quarter was admirable with a succession of baskets for the Bruins that put them thirteen points ahead. However, St. Thomas was quick to make a comeback — they tied the score, and from there on out, the teams battled against one another.

By halftime, the Bruins had gained back the lead. While the teams remained neck-and-neck, St. Thomas eventually managed to capture the win. The game ended with a score of 73-76.

The basketball games were not only sport events, but designated as Residence Life & Commuter Life Night. This meant that points could be earned towards the Living Area Competition, which is put on by Student Activities and has been going on since the beginning of the school year.

Kevin Tshilombo, a third-year student, oversees the aspects of competition-based events at GFU. He said that the purpose is to “bond living areas through healthy competitive events where they learn to work as a team and have fun. [The points are] based on rankings at an event.”

Varying activities have been held as opportunities to gain points in the Living Area Competition, from intense battles of capture the flag to decorating challenges in the dorms. At the basketball games students could receive points through the new Blue and Gold Rewards app. By making an account and “checking in” on the app while watching the games, the students could earn points towards a living area’s cumulative total and increase their ranking.

The prize for the competition is still undetermined, but Tshilombo says a party for the winning living area is likely in the works. The final points have yet to be calculated for the basketball games, but students will have plenty of other opportunities to help their living area snatch the lead. More Living Area Competition events are planned throughout the year up until the finale on April 12.

Jessica DaughertyComment