Joel Martin

Reported by Danielle Brown

Joel Martin is a senior Philosophy and Psychology major who transferred to George Fox University (GFU) three years ago from Point Loma Nazarene University. On April 1, Martin released a new album called “Between Suns.”

Martin started writing music when he was 16. “It was never a question. I was going to write songs and that was that,” said Martin.

He picked up his guitar and strung together melodies easily; the harder part was coming up with the lyrics. Some days the words flow easily — on others it’s a difficult process — but his love for music allows him to persist through the writer’s block.

“I’m really good at getting the initial melody or the very first thing of a song and then that’s where it becomes labor [and] you have to push through the sludge to make it something new,” said Martin. “It’s a nightmare getting something to the place of completion.”

When I asked how he finished the 12 songs on his new album, Martin looked at me incredulously: “I have no idea. I’ve been asking myself [that same question], but I have no idea how it happened or how I did it,” he said.

No matter how he did it, Joel Martin has reached a major milestone in his musical career, an accomplishment that took two years to complete.

According to Martin, his post-graduation plans are “unnervingly precarious.” However, this musician has big dreams ahead. He hopes to go on tour with his older brother and promote this new album. He also wants to hike the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), a hiking trail that extends from Northern Mexico to Canada and takes four to six months to complete

“My goal is to escape the internet haze we’re in, you know,” said Martin. It’s a chance to unplug from social media and escape the constant buzz of industrialization, immersing himself in his music without the distractions of the world.

Martin plans to attend graduate school and eventually pursue a career in counseling or music therapy; however, Martin’s dream is to live off of his music.

“I don’t need to be rich or anything, just enough that I can pay rent and make my next project,” said Martin. Martin may not have his future planned, but he has big dreams in mind and a world of possibilities to explore.

Check out Joel Martin’s album release:

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