Caitlyn Conner

Reported by Emma Bach

Caitlyn Connor, a fourth-year student at George Fox University (GFU), is an artistic force to be reckoned with. A graphic design major and marketing minor, Connor has an impressive skill set — her portfolio includes layout, advertising, illustration, branding design and logo design.

“I love that my job can make a difference in the world,” Connor said. “When people see design, they are influenced one way or another and interact with it, which is really powerful and fulfilling.”

From being the Hadlock Student Center’s graphics and marketing coordinator to one of the co-founders of the highly anticipated Sticker Fest, Connor has really made her mark at GFU. Her design abilities are only going to continue after graduation, where she will be working as a graphic designer for Water Systems Consulting (WSC).

“They are making a huge difference in the world of water,” Connor said. “It is more important than ever that we properly manage the resources we have and WSC is on the forefront of the water management, impacting communities all over the US, and I get to be a part of that. My work will make a lasting impact.”

Working as a graphic designer isn’t the only thing Connor is looking forward to after graduation; currently engaged, she expressed her excitement for the future with her fiancé.

“[I’m] getting married to my best friend,” Connor said. “Can’t beat that.”

In addition to design, Connor has experienced a lot during her four years at GFU — from being on the soccer team to taking part in Juniors Abroad in Australia, she’s made endless memories that she looks fondly back on.

Connor has only continued to develop and grow since her freshman year, which has helped her get to the successful spot she’s in now.

“I’ve grown artistically, spiritually and socially,” Connor said. “I’ve grown more confident in a professional setting.”

Jessica DaughertyComment