GFU's Most Popular Instagram Accounts

Reported by Emma Bach

You might already know it, but George Fox University (GFU) has a unique presence on Instagram. There are a handful of humorous GFU Instagram accounts, all of which are sure to make one’s day a little brighter.

The most well-known account, George Fox Memes (@georgefoxmemes), is run by “a fellow Bruin” and never ceases to produce quality memes for the GFU community.

Often the memes posted are incredibly relatable to students: ring by spring, chapel credits, and grades are just a few of the many subjects mentioned. The account takes submissions, so reach out to them if you have something to contribute.

Another popular account is the GFU Art Memes (@gfuartmemes) page. Similar to George Fox Memes, the account entertains its followers with relatable memes. However, one can note that GFU Art Memes is art-focused — most of its memes connect specifically to art majors or the art department.

Relatively new to the GFU Instagram game is The Bon Review (@thebonreview), which presents “reviews of your favorite on-campus eatery.” Despite being created just this year, the account has already accumulated an admirable amount of followers. The Bon Review rates miscellaneous food items from meals on a scale of 1-10. The reviews are enjoyably honest and are always accompanied with a quality snapshot.

The anonymous owner of The Bon Review explained the origin of their account: “We had never eaten at a cafeteria so much before and we’re always comparing it to MeeMaw’s home cooking, so we figured why not become a meme?”

GFU Game Faces (@gfu_gamefaces) is another comical account — they feature photos of GFU athletes, specifically ones that capture funny facial expressions. Their bio reads, “Pretty much just amazing candid game faces taken at GFU sporting events.”

The GFU Instagram platform is worth checking out. With their humor and lighthearted posts, the varying accounts provide the perfect reprieve from school stress.

Jessica DaughertyComment