Welcome Weekend

Reported by Ana Imes

Aug. 23-26 incoming freshmen and transfer students were invited to participate in Welcome Weekend. Welcome Weekend, an annual George Fox University event, consists of four days packed with informational and recreational activities. Families were invited to join the experience for the first two days of events.

Animation major Jodi Forster especially enjoyed Explore Newberg. “It was a great time to get to know the town with my LIBA group,” Forster said. Forster enjoyed Welcome Weekend overall, but she would make it longer: “An extra day or two to adjust before classes would be nice.”

International Studies major Kirsten Miller described Welcome Weekend as “fun and energetic.”

“My favorite part of Welcome Weekend was getting to meet new people,” Miller said. It was her first chance “to get a taste of the community on campus.” There was nothing Miller didn’t like about the weekend, but she suggests “an excursion… to the city of Portland to explore” as something to consider doing in the future.

One freshman who would like to remain anonymous hated the main event, the finale of Welcome Weekend that included a free dinner and activites on the football field.  This portion of Welcome Weekend, which took the place of the Hoedown, was an opportunity for all living areas and commuters to engage in some heated competition. “The main event sucked. It was really underwhelming and super lame,” she said.

Cognitive Science major Leann Barnes’ favorite part of the weekend was the Welcome Reception, “even though it wasn’t one of the main things.” The Welcome Reception followed Rendezvous and a Family and Guest Orientation; families gathered on the quad for dessert before the Candlelighting Ceremony.

“The Welcome Reception was really nice. As the sun was going down, students and families gathered on the quad and had the opportunity to enjoy quality conversation with each other. It was nice to just mingle and meet new people,” Barnes said.

Like the unidentified source, Barnes disliked the main event. “It was a good idea, but it didn’t really include everyone in a way that was meaningful or fun for multiple kinds of people,” Barnes said.

Although Barnes enjoyed Welcome Weekend overall, she recognized that it didn’t appeal to everyone else in the same way. “I believe that Welcome Weekend is perfect for your cookie cutter college freshmen, however for the vast majority that doesn't fit that, Welcome Weekend left them feeling overwhelmed, overstimulated and exhausted,” she said.

Jessica DaughertyComment