Heaven’s Kitchen: A Campus Cook-Off

Reported by Emma Bach

Last Friday, Student Activities hosted an opportunity to do both with the latest George Fox University (GFU) living area competition. Here’s everything you need to know about Heaven’s Kitchen.

Planned by Student Activities, Heaven’s Kitchen took place in Canyon Commons (better known as the Bon). The event, a spin-off of TV series “Hell’s Kitchen,” was inspired by cooking demonstrations on campus. The competition consisted of eight teams of three students, with one representing each living area . There was also a “potential special guest team.”

Luckily, GFU students avoided the wrath of Gordon Ramsay, who hosts the original show: Luke Suminski, a third-year student, and Lilly Dougalas, a fourth-year student, hosted the competition.

Jayden Berger, a fourth-year student and lead coordinator for Heaven’s Kitchen and general event coordinator, explained the parameters for the teams and their cooking.

“Each team will bring five spices or other flavors that they can use throughout the competition,” Berger said. “The rest will be provided to them in the form of baskets per round.”

Both Suminski and Berger encouraged students to get involved, regarding Heaven’s Kitchen as an “opportunity to be exciting and full of great fun that will involve the campus and different living areas.” The competing students recreated college students’ meals.

Teams were narrowed down through a bracket-style competition until there was only two left. The winning team of three not only received points for their living area, but also an additional $150 prize.