Two GFU Roommates Take on “The Bachelor” with Podcast

Reported by Mollisande Williams

If you told roommates Alec Fernandez-Morales and Taryn Girard their freshman year that they would eventually have a podcast about “The Bachelor” together, they would’ve both laughed at you. However, that changed the moment they ordered microphones off of Amazon and started “Taryn and Friend.”

A podcast about the current season of “The Bachelor, “Taryn and Friend” dives into each episode with commentary from both roommates. The podcast, which comes out weekly, also has several segments including one dedicated to all things Nick Viall (their favorite bachelor), and “Taryn and Other Friends,” a segment where a new guest comes on each week to share their opinions on the episode at hand.

Fernandez-Morales appreciates when guests appear on their podcast. “It’s a fun change of pace to hear what other viewers think of the drama on Colton’s season,” he said.

They may be experts now, but that wasn’t always the case. Both heard of the reality show before, which centers around an eligible bachelor who dates up to 30 women at once in hopes of proposing to one at the end.

However, it wasn’t until their sophomore year that they were invited to watch the premiere of Nick Viall’s season with some friends that they became the gurus they are today. This weekly get-together not only sparked friendships but a newfound love for the show.

Their process is simple: watch the episode, then record a podcast immediately after. Not only do they take notes during the show, they “briefly discuss a vague outline of the topics [they] want to hit and in which order.” After that “we just kind of wing it until the episode is over,” Fernandez-Morales said.

They also make sure to stay vocally engaged with their friends during the episode. “It’s not all work and no play,” Girard said. The podcast is recorded on Anchor, an easy platform for creating podcasts, it is distributed to several media outlets and uploaded.

While they initially didn’t expect many listeners, the response they have gotten has been “surprisingly better than [they] thought it would be.” Friends and acquaintances have stopped them on campus, giving positive feedback on the show; some even volunteering to appear as guests.

“So far I think people like it which makes me happy, but even if people didn’t like the podcast it would still be fun because I’m just enjoying getting to create something,” Girard said.

Their top three can change here and there, but as of the latest episode here are their picks: Fernandez-Morales says Cassie will win, with Hannah G. as runner up, followed by Tayshia. Girard predicts Hannah G. for the win, with Cassie as runner up and Hannah B. in third.

If you want to hear juicy debates and drama regarding “The Bachelor” from your fellow peers, you can tune into “Taryn and Friend” on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and the Podcast App each week. To send in questions, opinions and topics you want them to cover, or if you’re interested in being a guest you can e-mail or

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