A Night of Spontaneous Talent

Reported by Emma Bach

On Nov. 9, George Fox University (GFU) held a student concert in the Bruin Den at 8 p.m. GFU students had signed up to present their talent. Pizza, cookies and hot drinks were available for anyone who chose to attend.

There were a variety of performers, ranging from last-minute bands, two-man duets and elaborate dance performances. After the set list had been exhausted, the stage was left open to anyone who wanted to spontaneously show off their skills.

This led to a bevy of delightful surprises — there was a performance of Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me,” to which everyone in the audience shouted along; original compositions that left those watching in awe; and even a spur-of-the-moment sing along to “I Want It That Way,” which resulted in scores of laughter.

Andrew Fisher, a first-year student, was one of the many students who performed at the student concert. A lover of acting and singing, Fisher had been missing the feeling of performing and decided to sign up for the concert after reading about it in The Daily Bruin. Playing his guitar and singing “What About Angels,” Fisher staged a successful set. He explained the euphoria of singing in such a setting.

“I felt great afterwards,” Fisher said. “The crowd was very supportive of my performance. I feel that GFU has a community that loves to see others succeed, which is so beautiful.”

The student concert not only provided a great, accessible outlet for anyone who wanted to express their creativity or talents, but a fun Friday night activity for students to attend on campus. Fisher recommended taking part in the concert for anyone who might have an interest.

“It was an awesome experience and I think that anyone who has musical talent should participate,” Fisher said. “The tone was great and the atmosphere was fun. The crowd was excited to hear you perform. The best part for me was how well-planned it was. It was fun when they opened it up for open mic at the end.”

All in all, the concert was a time for GFU students to showcase their abilities, appreciate the skills of their peers, spend time with friends and simply enjoy an evening together in community.

Jessica DaughertyComment