Co-Existing: The Science and Religion Club

Reported by Bianca Tarsia.

Science and religion are two topics that are often viewed as opposing—can they exist in harmony together or are they too different? The Science and Religion Club, led by senior Greg Conan, exists on-campus to hopefully find an answer to this question by encouraging students to engage in a supportive environment where they are free to express their thoughts and opinions.

The group meets every other Thursday at 6 p.m. in Hoover 211, with their next meeting taking place this Thursday. All students are welcome to attend, where they “can learn about and discuss the relationship between science and religion, regardless of their perspective or beliefs,” Conan said.

Photographed by John Joo

Photographed by John Joo

At the beginning of the school year, the club members decided on what topics would be discussed for the remainder of the semester. Some subjects covered previously have been “evolution and creation, whether an artificial intelligence can have a soul, the origin of the universe, whether Jesus died for aliens, the ethics of becoming cyborgs and whether the universe is a computer simulation,” Conan said.

In addition to student led discussion, there are faculty members who have also joined the conversation, sharing their beliefs on the matters at hand. Conan says that he is “excited to see where the club will go in the future, as we continue to explore the quandaries that emerge from the intersection of science and religion.”

Jessica DaughertyComment