New Food Truck Pod in Newberg to Be Completed Soon!


NEWBERG, ORE. - George Fox University (GFU) students can anticipate the arrival of a new food truck block in downtown Newberg which is to be completed in the next month or two. The new pod of food trucks will be located on 1st St., near the 99W commuter parking lot. There are currently only two trucks on the property, to be joined by at least six more in the near future.

“The idea for this pod is that it will create a wider variation of food that isn’t just fast food in Newberg, and it can be a community building tool,” said Rick Condon, owner of All About Decks, Docks and More, the company sponsoring this project. He is hoping that the new lot will be a spot for community gatherings and events such as street fairs, which will complement this addition.

Condon said that the process of creating the block has been more complicated than one might think. The permit process is very complex and jobs such as repaving the area has added an extra $11,000 to the cost of the project, without even accounting for the $32,000 in permit fees. There are lots of hidden challenges that were not seen when the project was first taken over.

However, when the lot is complete, it has good chance of proving itself worth the work. The block will house eight food trucks of various types of cuisine. Other features that will be included are a large covered area with a central eating area, a gas fire pit and heat lamps, making the pod a viable option even in the winter cold, as well as a great place to gather with friends.

Bangkok Noi Thai, which serves Thai food, and Wiki Wiki Weenie, a Hawaiian hotdog stand, currently reside on the block; and the rest of the project is scheduled to come together in the next few months. Condon does not know exactly when everything will be done, as there are more permits needed from the state government regarding Highway 99.

“College students are going to thrive off of the food trucks,” said GFU junior Kaili Tugman, “We need good, inexpensive food that isn’t [the university cafeteria].” The food truck pod will be a valuable addition to the attractions in Newberg, and will bring variety and create a community gathering place just a few minutes’ walk from the GFU campus.

Reported by Emma Lindberg
Photographed by Olivia Berglund