What to Binge on Break?

Reported by Danielle Brown

Christmas movies are a must when it comes to enjoying the holiday season, and these 2018

Netflix films are sure to fill you with the holiday spirit:

1. “The Christmas Chronicles”

The Christmas Chronicles is a beautiful family movie that highlights the unique brother-sister

bond around the holidays. It definitely reminded me of The Santa Clause (a classic!) in its

mission to save Christmas after almost destroying it. If you’re not in the Christmas Spirit yet, you

will be after watching reindeer roam through Chicago and mini elves attack bad dudes; not to

mention there’s also a jail-rock Santa musical scene. This movie is an absolute must see!

2. “The Princess Switch”

Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Hudgens) is back and she’s changed her name to Stacey De Novo!

Hudgens stars in the new Netflix film, “The Princess Switch,” as a baker from Chicago who has

the opportunity to compete in a baking competition in Belgravia. She soon runs into Margaret

Delacourt, Duchess of Montenaro — also played by Hudgens — who decides that they should

switch places for a couple of days before Margaret’s royal wedding. See what happens next

when this High School Musical queen roams the kingdom of Belgravia.

3. “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding”

Sequel to “A Christmas Prince,” which premiered last year, this movie continues the love story

of Amber Moore and Prince Richard as they prepare for their Christmas wedding. Trouble stirs

as Amber tries to integrate herself into palace life while remaining respectful of the monarchy’s

traditions. She struggles to remain true to who she is and find her voice in the midst of the

chaos. A scandal breaks out within the palace and everybody wonders what kind of

manipulation is causing unemployment to rise in their growing economy.

4. “The Holiday Calendar”

An antique advent calendar is given to Abby Sutton by her grandfather who thinks she needs a

little help in life and believes that its magic might just be the key. Abby’s a talented photographer

working at a dead-end job that is causing her to lose her spark, but when her best friend, Josh,

reappears after years of backpacking, she may just find the courage to chase her photography

dreams. Turns out the magic of the advent calendar does more than predict the future though. It

may even guide her to true love.

5. “Christmas with a View”

If you’re looking for something romantic and cheesy, this is the movie to see. Fate guides two

chefs — one famous for winning a cooking show, the other managing a small but popular

restaurant in her hometown — to work at the same restaurant, and like any good Hallmark-like

movie, they quickly become infatuated with each other. There is another small subplot in this

movie that features a scandal and a little manipulation, but the primary focus is on gourmet

food, Christmas, and romance.

Jessica DaughertyComment