Sicker Fest: A Sweet Spot for Artists

Reported by Emma Bach

Sticker Fest was held at George Fox University (GFU) on Wednesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Originally started last spring, Sticker Fest provides a chance for artists to profit from their work and support fellow designers by selling and purchasing stickers.

Anthony Kuenzi, a third-year student, is the co-founder and organizer of Sticker Fest along with Caitlyn Connor, a fourth-year student, and Jeff Cameron, assistant professor of graphic design and facilities manager of the Department of Art and Design. The three artists had first come together to make stickers, and the concept of a sticker sale took off from there, pulling in other faculty and students as it grew.

Kuenzi, who sold stickers of his own both this year and last year, explained the intentions behind Sticker Fest:

“The main purpose for Sticker Fest is to gather together artists and designers — not just art students — from all over campus with a common goal to create stickers and give them an avenue to effectively sell them. 100% of sales goes directly to the artist, so it’s a great way for people to come support the arts here at Fox,” he said.

Sticker Fest gives those who choose to participate an easy opportunity to put their work out in the public eye. “You get to make a physical product that you’ll see around campus from then on out,” Kuenzi said. “It’s a special thing that doesn’t happen much with other types of art.”

Catherine Higgins and Aspen Kelly, both third-year students, are two of the many art students who chose to partake in this year’s Sticker Fest with their own sticker designs.

Higgins attended Sticker Fest last year and was inspired to create and sell three different kinds of stickers this fall. “I love the idea of seeing my designs all over campus on water bottles and laptops,” she said.

Kelly sold stickers at last year’s Sticker Fest as well as this year. “I wanted to participate as a way to show people my art and to be a part of a community of artists who are actively living out their major, which is creating,” Kelly said. “I honestly like making money off of what I love doing.”

Overall, Sticker Fest is a highly anticipated event in the artistic community at GFU. It allows students to effectively market their work, interact with fellow designers, and even get a sticker or two for themselves.

“I loved seeing everyone’s different style and knowing whose stickers were whose without having to ask,” Higgins said. “Everyone in the GFU art program has their own incredible and unique voice.”

If you were unable to attend this fall’s Sticker Fest, don’t worry! Sticker Fest will be held again next semester.

Jessica DaughertyComment