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Winter Serve Applications are out!

October 28, 2013

Applications for the winter serve trips are out now.

Organized by Spiritual Life, Winter Serve trips are part of SpIL’s serve trip ministry that aims to “provide a great way for students to get involved with short-term missions through weeklong ministry trips,” according to its website.

This year, teams will be sent to Portland to work with Home PDX; Twin Rocks, to focus on spiritual discipleship and service; Puyallup/Seattle, to work with local ministries and serving in food banks, clothing drives, and youth drop-in centers; Colorado, to help with flood relief; and Tacoma.

According to Kyle Webster, Serve Trip coordinator, the winter serve trips can benefit the community as a whole.

“Serve trips have a lot to offer to students,” said Webster. “ I believe, and have experienced beautiful communal growth fellow peers in the act of service . . .  you get to build these deep relationships with students who you most likely would have never met if it wasn’t for the serve trip.

“Serve trips focus on those who are not privileged, going out on the streets and loving on those who society kicks to the curb… These trips transform our eyes. They help students acknowledge that no one is better than another, that we are all in this world fighting the same fight, and that we are all made in God’s image. “

The Serve trips will begin on the last week of Winter break, from Jan 4-11.

Applications can be found in the ASC website and are due on Nov 1.

For more information, contact the Serve Trip Coordinators Kyle Webster or Erika Lopez.

You can find the applications here.




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