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Why Humor’s Awesome

March 20, 2014

“I’ve gotta put my earplug in,” she said.

“You what!?” I snickered.

So, until 2 a.m. my sister and I went back and forth:

“I’ve gotta paint my nail.”

“I’ve gotta brush my tooth.”

“Put your hand together for Coldplay.”

I couldn’t breathe.  And it was wonderful.

Trust me, it was funny.  Especially so late at night with our parents annoyed and shushing us.  Christmas at Nana and Papa’s house, sleeping in one room.  My dad’s snoring and our laughing: my favorite Christmas carol.  The symphony of humanity, complete with imperfection and joy.

We often think of good music as having a defined melody that’s on key, but I’m an advocate for the music we often disregard: the snoring, the snorting from laughing so hard, the awkward “oh, sorry” we say when bumping into a stranger.  These are works of art.

I’m thankful for all of it.  All of these little annoying things are like family—imperfect, but always there for you.  Humor helps us momentarily accept these flaws. It gives us a small break from trying to change them.

Humor releases the tension we get from trying to navigate this awkward world.  It’s like oil that lessens friction and makes things run more smoothly.  It tells us it’s okay that things aren’t okay.  It can also resolve the inner struggle that comes from being the imperfect perfectionists that we humans tend to be.

Use humor to embrace every part of humanity’s song.  The dissonance will resolve with beautiful laughter.

  1. Love you.

    This is beautiful!!! :))

    1. Tori Fisher-Francis

      Thanks so much, Lisa! Love you too!!

    1. Tori Fisher-Francis

      Haha! Thanks, Cheryl! =o)

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