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Tips for Handling Stress During Finals

December 8, 2015


Coming back from the four days of Thanksgiving break, we all have to face the crucial

reality which is: there are only a few days left before finals. No matter how many finals we

have been through in our school life, when it comes, the intensity comes along

with it. So having this in mind, what can cure our stress during finals? Here are some practical tips:


1. First and most important: Treat your body right.

Get enough sleep, eat healthy foods and exercise before and during finals week.

Most research says that the typical person needs at least five hours of sleep in order to

retain the information they learned during the day and to be alert and functional the

following day. We all need time to study, but staying up all night cramming can

actually decrease your memory and ability to retain information. Also, treat yourself

with your favorite food–don’t worry about your weight; you deserve something that

makes you happy. Food will give you the energy and mental strength you need to

focus. Exercise has also been shown to decrease stress. Spending maybe ten minutes

a day walking around campus can give your brain time to refresh.


2. Study Strategically

Create a study schedule and make estimates for the amount of time required

study for each test. From there, you can prioritize what needs to be

accomplished each day. Avoid studying or working on the same project more than two hours.

Get up and walk around every hour for at least 15 minutes, or connect with a

friend to refresh yourself. If you are not easily distracted by others, then try to have

a study group from your class. Getting together with a group

and discussing the course material may help you retain the information. Interaction with friends

can relieve stress, but studying is important, too.


3. Visualize it All Going Right

Imagine yourself taking the test and feeling confident that you know all the

information. Picture getting all of the answers right, and focus on how relaxed

you feel. Then picture the “A” on your test paper. When you imagine a happy

ending, that’s often what happens, because you make the decisions that lead to it

without even realizing.

You’ve prepared as much as you can, and now it’s time to ace the test. Good Luck!

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