The Crescent

Thoughts By the Fireside

January 23, 1924

When it comes near the time for final exams,

And you sit by the fire with a book in your hands,

And you thing of the grades that determine your fate

Either past, present, or future at stake;

You wonder if luck will ever come by,

And lift your sad soul as on wings to the sky.


You think that if luck will do that for you,

You will always be happy, and never be blue;

But Final exams come but twice in a year,

So why should you worry until they are here?


Then do you reviewing, and let those thoughts pass,

That crowd in your mind as thick as the grass;

And let “that exam” take care of itself,

And lay all those worries on top of the shelf!


-Taken from the January 23, 1924 issue of The Crescent

Written by: Elsie Reed

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