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Think you will be housing with the wrong roommates?

April 18, 2013

By now, you should have received confirmation with who you are going to live with next academic year. You might have also found out where you will be living. Most people are excited about their housing situation. But, it has been brought to my attention that some students are anxious to either find out or to be living with the people they are already assigned with.

I remember when I was beginning my freshman year: I was so nervous as to how my roommate would turn out to be and if she’d accept some of my living habits. You’re not alone in this whole housing situation; a majority of students have those same concerns.

Tune into what Miss J has to say. Hopefully, you’ll feel a little more relieved about your housing situation.

Dear Miss J,
I’m kind of nervous to be rooming with my roommate for next year. I’ve grown really close to her over this past year and she seems like a pretty cool chic. However, her current roommate has been disclosing some information about her regarding her living habits. My friend’s roommate has expressed how she can be messy and disrespectful when it comes to space and privacy. I didn’t get that vibe from my friend, but, then again, looks can be deceiving. I want to approach her, but I feel like it would just create unnecessary tension. That’s something I definitely don’t want before we live together. What should I do?

Miss J’s Answer:

I’ll tell you this: You should never base a person’s personality or character off of what someone tells you. It’s always good to find out for yourself. Have you actually been in your friends room to witness what her roommate is telling you? If not, you shouldn’t be too concerned yet. Approach your friend first and discuss both of your preferences in roommates. Ask her what her likes and dislikes are before you disclose your preferences. Then lay it down for her and let her know that you want to respect her space as much as you want her to respect yours. Make sure you know where you’re coming from. After that, let things go and continue your happy friendship with each other.

Dear Miss J,
Housing selections are over now, but I am bitter about how it went down. I was  forced into a group….Well, maybe coerced or influenced are better words. I’m pretty cool with all of the people who are in my housing area; they’re all nice and everything. But, they are all pretty picky and super duper clean! I can’t take it! I mean I am a clean person and all; but there are times when I happen to leave clothes on the floor or when I don’t make my bed. I’ve witnessed how they respond to those housemates who aren’t as clean as them, and they’re pretty harsh. I’m still surprised we all grew so close as friends. How should I approach them about my situation?

Miss J’s Answer:

Why did you wait until the housing selections were finished? Well, now that it’s over, it’s time that you and you’re group gets an understanding with each other. Ask your housing mates for next year if you could all go out to coffee or nice, quiet setting similar to a coffee shop. (Coffee shops are the perfect places to talk.) When you are able to gather all your housemates together, explain your thoughts and where you are coming from. Listen to what they have to say in return. If they sound like they are not understanding of where you stand, then maybe it’s time to reconsider your decision of who you will be staying with next year. But, if your housemates are accepting of your side of the story, then move on with a smile on your face.

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