• ASC Vice President of Finance Steps Down

    Tausha Rene, vice president of Finance, has stepped down from her position on the Associated Student Community (ASC). She has been replaced by Haley Knieling, former financial assistant to Rene, as of Nov. 12. “Both Tausha and Haley have a commitment to ASC transparency,” said Jake Vanier, ASC president. “What’s different from last year is this is a smooth transition. We’re not missing a step, and the vision is still to remain financially solvent. ASC is fine, and we’re pressing forward just like usual.” Rene started this semester as a finance major, but then switched to accounting. According to Vanier, accounting majors must spend several hours a week conducting informational interviews with professionals in the field. This, combined with a daily commute from Tualatin, are cited for the main reasons of her resignation. Rene handed in her resignation on Oct. 27, giving the ASC central committee two weeks to find a replacement. “We weren’t confined to hiring internally,” said Vanier. “We did try to seek out other people on campus, but the number one candidate was someone who was already in ASC.” “I’m really excited because I’ve been preparing for it,” said Knieling. “Stepping into this challenges me, and I’m excited for advocating for students, and having a role in the leadership for students.” Knieling will serve in the position until the ASC elections in the spring semester. The vice president of finance serves on the Central Committee, and has a vote in all important ASC matters. She or he is also expected to meet with students to discuss reimbursement, to co-sign on all ASC contracts, and to handle ASC HR details and processes. Prior to the 2014-15 school year, the vice president of finance position was known as the “treasurer.” It was not an elected position, and selection of potential candidates was done by the central committee. This led to the hiring of Brandon Yoshihara in 2012, who served in the position until early 2014, when he stepped down due to a mismanagement of funds. Rene began her work as treasurer shortly after. After this, the committee amended the constitution to change the office of treasurer to an elected position.