• The Campbells Named Lip Sync Champions, Again

    George Fox University held the Annual Lip Sync Competition on Friday, November 14. This year, three groups–Lettuce Turnip the Beet, Swing in Sync, and defending champions The Campbells–competed. In the end, The Campbells were able to retain their title as George Fox Lip Sync Champions. Andrew Kaye, a returning member of the Campbells commented on their first place finish: “It felt like the first time I ate fondue. The cheese had a familiar taste but a new flavor.” The Campbells were able to capture the audience’s votes through their unique presentation which included an on-screen interview of member Eli Caudillo that helped synthesize their thirteen minute presentation. The overall competition attempted to incorporate elements of The Tonight Show and American Idol vis-à-vis mini competitions, audience involvement, and a trio of faculty members posing as judges. The three faculty members, gave their input after each skit or interactive game. At the end of the show, the winner of the competition was chosen by audience members who were told to send their votes via text message. According to Moriah Kimmer, the vice president of student activities and programs, the Lip Sync Competition was a success. “All the performances brought a different feel to the stage, the lighting was amazing, and we had a great turn out.  I think we had about 900 students there.  My hope is that it got people excited for performing in it next year,” says Kimmer. However, some students were a little put off by the multilayered presentation. “The overall experience was good, but it could have been a lot less confusing had they been more organized and explanatory,” says Emily Lucca, a junior at GFU. “One of my friends went on stage thinking he was going to dance, but [the host] said they were out of order and had him play ‘Name that Song.'” Emily went on to say that, despite the confusion, she thoroughly enjoyed herself and is considering entering in the competition next year.