The Crescent

Sun Appears and so do Trends

March 14, 2014

Quite recently, the clouds have opened up and reminded us that the sun does indeed still exist and that the stars really do come out at night.  This is all well and good.  Spring is just around the corner and some people just really need the sun right now.

When the sun appears, so do a few trends.  I am not the only one that has noticed these trends and they present themselves every time without fail.

The first of these is that campus turns into that cliché college movie that everyone has seen.

Even miniature beanbags get kicked around when the sun comes out

Even miniature beanbags get kicked around when the sun comes out

Practically everyone is wearing shorts, the dreaded bro tanks come out in large numbers, and all manner of objects are flying through the air: Balls of all shapes, Frisbees in every color, even scraps of paper that have escaped some unfortunate student’s notebook.

As you walk along the paths, voices can be heard from above because the coming of the sun means that the tree-climbing season is upon us.  The soft strumming of a ukulele can be heard from behind a bush and there are bare feet in every direction. I half expect someone to yell “Carpe diem, dude!” as I navigate the spider web of walkways.

This is a marketing goldmine.  Finally, the campus looks like the folders and other items dispersed by GFU and the photographers take full advantage.

Worst of all are the way people talk to you.  If you do not have a smile on your face or look even remotely joyous, a large number of people will run up to you and say gleefully, “Smile! It’s sunny!” The only way to escape this is to walk around all day with a Joker-esque (Jack Nicholson every time) smile on your face just to be left alone.

The stuff of nightmares

My response to this is one or more of the following:



Do not tell me how to live my life.


Seriously, though.  I am more of a night person and it is way too bright.

Why do I respond so harshly, so unhappily? I do not let the weather determine my mood.  I enjoy the rain and the sun for various reasons and do not view one as being better than the other.  If you want to be happy about the sun, that is perfectly all right but it is a bit unfair to expect everyone else to feel the same way about it.

So, enjoy the sun if that is what you want.  However, I am much more content to enjoy the stars at night and escape the clichés and the judgments of others.


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