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March 1, 2017


You might not know it, but George Fox University (GFU) has a car club. Nestled in the long list of other student groups, it’s easy to miss — especially in the winter when there’s a general lull in car-related activities. Don’t let the weather fool you, though; the Car Club is still very much alive.

Last semester, the club held a car show in the Stevens parking lot, and the community came to show off their cars. When the weather clears up this spring, even more events will be possible.

To the members of the club, it’s not just about the outward events others see. Stephen Allen, one of the two Vice Presidents of the Car Club, says, “I’ve met a lot of guys that I didn’t know were car guys for a long time, and I just kept not knowing. So it’s more about letting everybody know that there’s a group where you can come and share what you love.”

It’s a sentiment that the other members share. Car Club President Dakota Geil says, “Be known is Fox’s motto. Well, in the car club, you are known. Each one of the people is known by name. We’re also car people, so we’ll know you by your car.”

When they can, the members attend meets — gatherings where people show off their cars. Once the dragstrips open in the spring, they plan on going to the races as well. “All the time we roll together to meets and stuff. Like, six of us in two cars. It’s more about hanging out, and talking about cars.” Says Stephen.

Within the club, many members have different tastes in cars. It doesn’t matter much; there’s room for everyone in the club. “It brings everybody together, regardless of what car you drive, of what style you like. It brings you together; you’re family.” Says Dakota.

For instance, Jared Horton, the other club Vice President, likes classic cars. “I think cars are important, because they’re kind of a portal to the past, in a way,” He says. “I think it’s important that cars are preserved so that future generations can see the same thing that previous generations did.”

Regardless of what cars you’re into, however, you’ll be welcome in the club. Joshua Mathias, Car Club Treasurer, says, “I want to encourage people to come, and go do stuff with us, come to meets with us. If you have a car, show it off, if you don’t have a car, no worries, show us pictures of the cars you do want, and just come hang out and we can just talk about cars.”

Throughout the interview with Jared, Stephen, Dakota, and Josh, the spare talk quickly descended into debates and friendly jabs about different types of cars and their makes. Gesturing to the center of the table, Josh says “This is what the car club is, we just hang out and talk about cars.” It seems a modest claim for such comradery, but it’s nonetheless true.

If you’re interested in joining the club, you can contact Dakota Geil or Jared Horton at and, respectively.

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