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Ski Club

November 5, 2013

Students of George Fox University interested in the world of snow sports now have an opportunity to find a like-minded community through involvement in ski club.

“We want this to be a place that brings a sense of unity for students at Fox who enjoy going up to the mountain,” says senior, biology major and Ski Club Vice President, John Luke Andrew.

With roughly 100 members, the GFU ski club is experiencing more success than ever before.

“A couple of years ago the club was essentially dead,” says Andrew, “…but once we got new leadership we were determined to bring it back to life.”

Currently, the club’s main focus revolves around organizing transportation for students who want to experience life on the slopes.

With ASC funding, ski club presents the opportunity for students to participate in bimonthly trips to Ski Bowl, at Mt. Hood, free of charge.

“You just need to pay for a lift ticket and rentals if you need them,” says Andrew, “It’s a pretty good setup.”

Besides providing transportation to nearby ski resorts, ski club offers a variety of events for its members.

This month alone, members were granted a number of free tickets for a viewing of a ski film in downtown Portland and are said to be presented with this opportunity again as the newest Warren Miller film will soon be released within the snow sport community.

“We’re also planning an on-campus movie night,” says Andrew, “We want people to be able to come and watch the Red Bull ski film together, but really it’s just a time for us to hangout.”

To join ski club or to find out more about upcoming ski club events, visit the club’s facebook page at,

“This is essentially just a platform of opportunity for us to share our similar passions for snowboarding and skiing,” says Andrew, “Come join in if you are at all interested”

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