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Scholarship Competition

February 28, 2013

George Fox University hosted its annual scholarship competition this month, preparing to award over $490, 000 of financial aid in the form of academic and leadership scholarships to prospective students.

As such competitions are known to be extremely competitive, eligible applicants must currently hold a cumulative grade point average of a 3.0, must have completed an admissions application, must vow to uphold at least a 2.5 while attending the university and even so may only participate in scholarship competitions after receiving a personal GFU invite.

Selected participants and their families were invited to join the GFU student body, on campus, for a selected weekend where they took part in leadership and academic interviews in hopes of being one of the many selected for a four year, potentially renewable scholarship.

With scholarships specified by subject area, students were able to choose one of the 41 different academic competitions based on their unique academic interests before even arriving on campus.

While awards are typically based on a student’s intended field of study, they are not revoked if one changes majors as long as a student’s academic standing is upheld.

Scholarship winners are yet to be announced but the results are said to be determined and mailed out to participants early March as rewards come into effect for the 2013-2014 school year.

To learn more about the scholarship competition or to see if you may be an eligible participant contact Admissions Counselor Mandee Wilmot, or go online to



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