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Pulp and Circumstance: A celebration with a little fuss

September 30, 2013

By Anna Bramson
When you think of Newberg and you think of shopping, I can almost guarantee that you don’t put the two together. Now don’t get me wrong: Newberg has a cute downtown with plenty of character to go around, and it caters really well to college-age kids with its plethora of coffee shops on almost every street corner.

But what do you do when you have found some extra time in your day and you’ve already had your five cups of coffee? You could go take a nap? Try and study?
As fun as that sounds, I think I’ve found something that is a little bit more exciting and upbeat.

Walking down College Street on a sunny afternoon, I had the pleasure of finding one of the cutest little stores I’ve seen in a while. Tucked away in a gorgeous, newly-remodeled Victorian style home is a gift shop (that is so much more than just a gift shop) called Pulp & Circumstance.

Co-owners and friends Jennifer Sitter and Ashley Lippard came together and opened their store in June with high hopes of creating an atmosphere of “celebration with a little fuss.”
Sitter is from Seattle with a background in marketing while Lippard is from Chicago with a background in graphic design. With a mutual love for shopping and the appreciation of a good shopping experience, they collaborated to bring a little more of the hip boutique experience to Newberg.

The name, Pulp & Circumstance, sounds much like the graduation song “Pomp and Circumstance,” and when you look up the definition it literally means “a celebration with a little fuss.”
Their store achieves just that when you walk inside. Your eyes wander through all the fun and playful products ranging from fine soaps and lotions, candles, handbags, toys for children, something for the husband, jewelry from local artists, their very own hand-pressed cards (which is where the “pulp” comes into their store name), a nice selection of delightful candies (most importantly), and so much more. You really have to walk through twice to make sure you’ve seen it all. It really is a gift shop’s dream, with something for all ages and all occasions.
Originally Pulp & Circumstance was going in a more modern direction, like something you would find in the Pearl District of downtown Portland. Lippard lives in Newberg and Sitter lives in Dundee, and they both saw the great potential a store like this would have in the Newberg area.

Loni Parish, who owns the Art Elements Gallery downtown as well as other businesses and properties in Newberg, is also the owner of the Victorian home in which Pulp & Circumstance is located. Parish’s parents built the Allison Inn and Spa, a wonderful destination for visitors in the area. Now people who stay in the Allison Inn and Spa can make their way downtown to pick up fun and unique gifts from the store, really just upping the class here in Newberg.

What does this mean for college students? Well, while talking to the owners, they shared a list called “The Foxy Club” with me. Students from George Fox can sign up to receive notifications on events or additional discounts that are only good for one specific day or time. Students will already receive a five percent discount when they show their student I.D.
The Foxy Club is sort of like a VIP list. Who doesn’t want to be on the VIP list? You better believe I signed up. They always keep the inventory fresh and receive new products almost daily. You can always expect to see something new when you go in. Store hours are Monday-Saturday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.. Don’t be the last of your friends to check out this new best-kept secret in Newberg.

Go enjoy some celebration with a little fuss.

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