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President Unable to Run in Upcoming Election

March 18, 2013

By Alexis Christopherson and Ryan Lackey

On March 6, 2013, ASC held an emergency meeting to approve or deny ASC President Wesley Jones to rerun in the Presidential election for 2013-2014. The motion failed after three rounds of voting.

At the weekly ASC meeting on Monday, March 4, ASC Central Committee voted against Jones running in the election, with a vote of 3-4. The vote was called again in the emergency meeting on the sixth because Brandon Yoshihara and Toni Snyder are returning to ASC Central Committee next year and are not eligible to vote.

The vote was tied 2-2 and ASC advisor Joel Perez said “There wasn’t anything in the constitution, at least the way I read it, that said that I couldn’t decide so I decided to grant them [permission to run].”

However, the Supreme Court reviewed the constitution and stated that if a ¾’s majority wasn’t present, the motion could not pass. Vice President Jessica Stanton was supervising the meeting in Jones’s place and also couldn’t vote. If she did, there still would not be a ¾’s majority. After a third round of voting, tied again at 2-2, the motion failed, denying Jones to run in the Presidential election.

Several members of ASC were upset by the decision. Toni Snyder, Outreach Ministries Director said that the constitution doesn’t say a 3.0 is required, just that someone “overcommitted” or “insufficient” shouldn’t do the job. The job description says 3.0 and should function as a “red flag”, not a defining factor.

Jones is accepting of the decision and is looking forward to what the presidential candidates will do next year.

Jones said, “I went through every range of the emotion spectrum. I was very taken aback on Monday. There was a lot of defensive questioning that I was working through. After the vote, I came to a place where I really respected both sides. There were people who voted on their conscience and their moral standings…which…really impressed me.”

ASC advisor Joel Perez said, “I would have liked to seem them run but there is a constitution and we have to adhere to it.”

“…the defining factor came down to what the law said. It defines what’s right and what’s wrong.” Stanton said in regards to the Constitution and it’s part within ASC.

Presidential candidate, Justin Vanier said, “Michael [Naka] and I bummed about being the only candidate…because we really want to be elected by the student body as the people that they want to represent them. But because we’re running unopposed we do not think that negates the possibility of the votes still showing support. We’re still campaigning full speed.”

Jones appealed the GPA requirement last year to run as President for the 2012-2013 school year. The motion passed.

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