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Pot Holes Are A Nuisance

November 5, 2013

In various places around campus, there are severe pot holes that continue to grow in size due to not being fixed.

These pot holes have been around, to my knowledge, since I first came to George Fox 2.5 years ago.  Since they are not being fixed, the pot holes continue to grow in size.

For example, when I first transferred to George Fox, the pot hole located at the far entrance of the Pennington Hall lot by Weesner Village started out at as a small hole that was missing a chunk of asphalt.  Now, it is a giant hole.

I can understand that continuous driving causes more wear and tear on the street, which is why the pot holes increase in size over time.  But shouldn’t they be fixed after a period of time?  At least when they get to the point of being able to damage a tire?

Every time I drive over one of these pot holes, I fear that my tire will decide today is the day to combust, leaving me with a flat tire, and the pot hole with another victory of conquering its enemy.

Even when I drive around them, they are still hard to miss.  Some of the pot holes on campus are strategically placed where you can’t avoid them; you have no choice but to drive over them, especially during a time when there is a consistent flow of traffic on campus where you can’t swerve all the way over on the wrong side of the road to avoid it.

Looking at how massive these pot holes are already, I wonder when they will be patched up.  It would seem that the bigger the holes get, the more expensive it would be to fix them.  So why wasn’t it taken care of when they were small?

Last year, George Fox made one of the sidewalk on campus wider so that more students could fit on the sidewalk and not have to walk in the grass.  I honestly thought that that would open the door to fix all of the sidewalks and streets that needed fixing.  Looks like I was wrong.

The pot holes are just a terrifying nuisance when you have to drive over them; I know I’m not the only one who worries about my tires surviving.  Until they are fixed, students will just have to continue to avoid them or drive over them as slow as possible.

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