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Overheard and Out of Hand

November 14, 2012

For several years now, the Facebook page “Overheard at Fox” has been a favorite communication source of the George Fox University (GFU) campus. The page is for GFU students to post the interesting, hilarious, and at times questionable things that are heard in passing.

Because these posts are simply “overheard” snatches of conversations, they are usually taken out of context, which, honestly, makes them all the more amusing to read. Posts can be quotations from students, professors, or any faculty member.

Though the page is not by any means a new craze, “Overheard” is currently getting a heightened amount of attention as GFU students seem to be putting the posts under a fair amount of scrutiny.

Lately, every time “Overheard” is brought up, it is met with mixed reactions. I’ll usually hear either, “Oh yeah, that page is hilarious!” or something along the lines of, “Oh. That.” Lines are being drawn, sides are being chosen.

Since this is just a Facebook page, it may seem odd that there can be such a strong controversy over its likability. However, the cause of all the commotion comes down to people just not playing by the rules.

Surprised? Well of course the page has rules. We are at a Quaker school after all. The rules are both completely fair and exceedingly simple to follow, which causes confusion as to why students seem to be having such a hard time abiding by them.

The rules can be found in the “About” section of the page, and are as follows; no names, no profanity, no gossip, nothing too inappropriate, the person posting cannot be a part of the conversation; it must be overheard, and quoting teachers is allowed as long as the post follows the above rules.

I like “Overheard at Fox.” I find it hilarious. However, it would be good to remember that the rules are there to be followed, and also to think about others when posting. Also, it would be good to use a certain amount of decorum when posting.

Remember that if the quotation isn’t something you would say out loud, it is not something you should be posting it on the internet.

Keep it classy, George Fox.

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