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Orange is the new Black.

March 6, 2014

When I think of the color orange I think of . . . oranges,

(shocking, I know), carrots, my old Harriet the Spy VHS tape (90’s kid moment),

the Nickelodeon sign, and probably the last color I would want to wear out in public.

BUT word on the street is orange is the new black.


One of the upcoming trends for Spring is the color orange.

It adds a splash of life and sass to any outfit.

Seen all over the runways for Spring 2014 in shoes, accessories and even has been called the “it lip” color as of late.


Some quick and easy ways to work orange into your wardrobe is to start out with the accessories.

Switch out your tired winter bag for a brightly colored orange one.

Tote your books around campus in a chic vibrant bag!

Who knows, maybe it’ll make studying more fun?

Wishful thinking most likely.


  Another great start is adding orange to your outfit with a skirt or blazer.

Subtle ways to spice up your life.

If you aren’t comfortable with this color quite yet, starting with one piece will turn it into

the outfit’s staple piece without causing you to go too far out of your color comfort zone.


Turn it up a notch and strut your orange from head to toe.

Rock an orange dress or feel sassy in some orange heels.

If you are feeling like an adventurous fashionista you could even try out some orange fur.

I don’t know if I could say I would, but hey, rock it if you got it!


“Yeah, no way am I going to wear orange!”

then consider just painting your nails.

I am a huge nail polish addict, or nail polish-a-holic if you will.

This is a super easy way to incorporate this trend in your day-to-day life without having to do much at all!


Get spring and summer ready with your best orange foot forward.

That was cheesy, I know.

Start simple with a bag or nail polish and work your way up to full-on outfits.

Own that orange!

Stay stylish and stuff like that…

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