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New ASC Chaplain: Megan Armentrout

April 12, 2013

Megan Armentrout shares her thoughts and vision as serving George Fox University’s 2013-14 ASC Chaplain.

Q: What made you want to run/apply for ASC Chaplain?

A: I love seeing students stepping up to serve their peers and I want to be a part of that as well. I want to be a servant to the students here at Fox. I have been blessed by this rich community and my only response is to pour that blessing out to others in hopes that students leave Fox knowing that they were invested in and were loved.

Q: What’s your vision for spiritual life on campus?

A: I want to seek the Kingdom of God full-heartedly and partner in what the Spirit is already doing on this campus. I believe that God is up to something huge and He is calling out to those who will listen. My vision is to see the students and faculty of George Fox University so deeply committed to the work of Christ that they will stop at nothing to usher in the Kingdom and embrace the hope and prayer of ‘Let your Kingdom come & Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Q: What sort of things are you planning to do this year?

A: As we all know, the Chapel requirements have changed, but that does not mean that the spiritual community on this campus will change. I hope to have a partnership with both Spiritual Life and ASC in fostering the spiritual growth at Fox through the different ministry opportunities available to students. I am hoping that the efforts of Shalom and Greenroom will stay in effect next year and that the students will still have a place to offer their gifts and talents in various ways.

Q: What is something that you see God doing on campus or something that you’re praying for God to do on GFU campus this year?

A: God is stirring the deep need for prayer in the hearts of His people. Last year many people caught that vision and I believe that it will continue for years to come. Prayer is essential in our walk with God, not only individually but also as a community. I am praying that God will awaken our hearts to earnestly seek Him and that we will no longer be satisfied with going through the motions.


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