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Living In the Moment: Memories Minus Media

October 28, 2013

Written by guest contributor Shealtiel Hart

Scene One: Picture that time you were sitting in the Bon alone. Your friends are caught in the
long line and would not be at the table for another five minutes at least. So what do you do?
Pull out your phone and connect to social media. Whew. Congratulations! You just avoided an
awkward moment of sitting alone with nothing to do. It’s OK. We all do it. Except Grandpa Roy.

Scene two: You’re engaged in conversation with a friend when you suddenly feel your phone
vibrate in your pocket. Quickly, you pull out your phone and look at the text you just received,
while still listening to your friend, of course. Which has priority: friend or phone?

Scene three: You’re walking along the sidewalk with some friends and come upon a street
performer. He is pulling out the craziest dance moves you have ever seen, and he’s not alone.There are four performers behind him playing some of the most extraordinary music you’ve ever heard. Do you A.) Pull out your phone and video them so you can share this epic moment with the world or B.) Watch them through your own eyes and enjoy the moment? Is B even an option?

By now, you’ve probably guessed where I’m going with these scenarios. Is it possible in our
society to make memories without involving media? It doesn’t seem to be. In this age, it is
nearly impossible to hit someone with a water balloon without costing yourself $200 plus in cell-phone-replacement fees.

Imagine how much more you might see if you leave your phone where it is and take in the
beauty before your eyes. Rather than prioritizing your electronics over personal interaction, show
the people in front of you they have value. I won’t even mention texting and driving. Consider
viewing events with your eyes alone rather than re-watching the low-quality video you recorded

Many may read this and think I’m advocating abolishing all forms of social media from every
aspect of life and returning to petro glyphs. I’m not. Technological communication is important
and has its own place in our society. That being said, I do not think it needs to have priority over
face-to-face interaction.

CharstarleneTV recently uploaded a video to YouTube entitled “I Forgot My Phone.” If you
aren’t a part of the 23+ million people who have already watched it, I encourage you to watch it
(on your iPhone if you must).

One of the most essential elements of a modern wedding is a photographer, a person to record
one of the happiest moments of the couple’s lives. I think wedding couples are onto something
with this idea of hiring someone to record their memories for them. Perhaps they want to enjoy
the moments themselves and not be burdened by recording them.

This concept could and should be more applicable to daily life than we let it be. I’m not
saying we should hire someone to follow us around constantly and capture every significant
moment, but rather we should be more selective in the moments we decide the rest of the world
needs to see.

A friend stated, “Some people are so focused on taking a video, they’re only left with some low-
quality video to re-watch later.” Honestly, I love seeing the video of you enjoying a concert by
your favorite artist. I just want to know you actually enjoyed the event and not simply captured

So text your boss back, tell Facebook your nephew learned to walk and video that crazy lady
pushing a shopping cart full of frozen fish sticks into the river. Just do it once you’re done
talking to your fellow human in front of you. Don’t forget what it feels like to look up once in a
while and make memories without the approval of your 974 Facebook friends and set down all
your electronic devices and run through a fountain once in a while.

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