The Crescent

Last Call

April 27, 2015

Endings are never easy.

I sit here staring at a blank page wondering how or what should be my last opinion piece of this year and part of me is numb. However, another part of me recognizes this is a farewell and therefore should be a celebration of what was, is, and will be.

I loved being a reporter this year. I loved being an ARC consultant. I loved being a part of the Student Advisory Board for the IDEA Center and so much more. And while I will continue on with somethings next year, there are moments I will no longer be part of.

Next year holds new opportunities and challenges that will only build onto the memories I have now.

I can’t believe I have written over 23 blog posts for The Crescent as well as at least ten printed articles. I have stretched myself beyond my comfort zone and made many mistakes, but I also triumphed in other areas. Between you and me, I love failing at something because it means I learn more. And I love learning.

Life is about each second, breath, and choice. There are so many moments from this year I wish I could bottle and keep to remind me of what is truly possible when you chase after your passions. There are so many choices I wish I would have followed through on instead of creating a stronger relationship with my snooze button because I either wanted to walk the tightrope of a deadline or because life became too heavy for me to push on.

And then there is the faithfulness of God. I admit I struggle with understanding why He continues to bless me here at Fox, in life. And yet, I am reminded, daily, that He wants nothing more than for me to follow Him. That is why I am here.

But in two weeks, the semester is over. Friends are graduating and I have no idea what I am going to do next year without them. Next year is my last at Fox and then I am on to grad school. Life never fails to move forward regardless of our request to take time to smell the preverbal roses.

So what is the point of my blog? Enjoy the last few moments of stressful chaos that we are in. Make time to laugh with a friend. Take time to share something that is on your heart with a classmate, professor, or the person across from you in the Den. Find one of the many squirrels on campus and thank them for a moment of delightful distraction. Journal about your last few days. Thank those who have blessed you.

Endings can also be about celebrating all the wonderful things in your life. So in my final call of action this year, I dare you to delight in everything you can about your time here at Fox and then let us know what you are doing to celebrate by posting your stories below.

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