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Just 3 Ways to Show You’re Just Friends

April 8, 2015

Getting your M.R.S. degree. Ring by spring.

As members of a small Christian college, we’ve heard it all. And sure, we might make fun of the fact that 150 of our Facebook friends got engaged over Christmas break, but let’s face it: consciously or unconsciously, many of us are more affected by the ring/spring thing than we’d care to admit.

So when it comes to friendships with the opposite sex—like actual “just friends” friendships—things have the potential to get a little complicated when other friends are watching, especially when those friends may be well on their way to getting M.R.S. degrees of their own.

Not that you care at all what people think of you—of course not—but in case the haters are getting you down, here are some foolproof ways to ensure your platonic friendship will be viewed in just that way.


  1. Personal Space –Lots of It

When you are walking with a friend of the opposite sex, always make sure there is at least three feet of personal space separating the two of you. Any closer, and people might start to talk: Who’s that you were walking with? You guys sure seemed friendly! I mean, you were both smiling! Ideally, at least one of you should make sure that your arms are folded or holding onto your backpack straps—just so there is NO chance someone across the quad could think you’re holding hands.


  1. No Texting

Better play it safe: don’t text any of your so-called “platonic” friends. Because if your roommate looks over and sees your phone screen light up with a message that’s any longer than an “OK”…you’ll have some explaining to do. (This rule also applies to Snapchat, Facebook messaging, etc.)


  1. Study Groups: Dos and Don’ts

When studying with a friend of the opposite sex, always ensure that you are studying in a group of at least three people, and at a big table. Otherwise, there’s the potential of appearing like you’re on an awkward library date. And that is an impression no one wants to give.

Hopefully, with study and application, these three tips can serve as the kick-off for a semester free of roommate interrogations and teasing!

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