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George Fox University Welcomes New Athletic Trainer, Greg Boughton

March 16, 2014

A recent addition to the George Fox University community is the football and women’s lacrosse athletic trainer, Gregg Boughton.

Having recently moved to Newberg from Cheyanne, Wyo., Boughton is enthusiastic about the potential opportunities a new town and job have to offer to him and his family of three.

“The next six months will be a tough transition but it is all part of life,” he says.

In preparation for a career in sports medicine, Boughton completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Wyoming and received his graduate degree at Boise State University.

Since then Boughton has served in multiple athletic health care roles working in Nike’s world headquarters, physical therapy clinics, community colleges and rodeos nationwide, before finally assuming his position at GFU.

“I have always been in positions where I was required to build things from the ground up,” says Boughton, “I have typically worked alone but am now excited about working together with the athletic training team here, at Fox.”

Charged with the health care of athletes, Boughton fully expects to encounter his fair share of concussions, taped ankles and athletic injuries but hopes that his influence will spread beyond the walls of the training room as he builds relationships with student athletes.

“I want students to feel comfortable talking to me about anything whether it be career aspirations, relationships, issues with playing time or problems at home. I have a lot of experience and want to help,” he says.

Though Boughton has spent just a short time within the community, the welcome he has received from both students and faculty has served as a great encouragement in such a time of transition.

“I appreciate everyone I have met, everyone who has introduced themselves or has shaken my hand,” says Boughton. “Thank you for the welcome.”

Outside of his work, Boughton can be found spending time with his family, fly fishing and traveling as he nears his goal of visiting each of the 50 states.

For students looking to welcome Boughton to campus or athletes seeking a formal introduction, Boughton can often be found at his desk in the Duke athletic complex.

“My door is always open,” he says. 

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