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George Fox Plays Fourth Annual Football Game Against Warner Pacific

April 11, 2013

The rain would not stop pouring, and the wind blew intensely, yet the George Fox University flag football team still played a competitive game against Warner Pacific University on April 6 at the Austin Sports Complex.

“I had a good time reuniting with teammates, killing the chemistry, and having a good time in the soaking rain,” said junior Anthony Jordan.

The fourth-annual game setting felt like Friday night lights, as students stood with umbrellas, hot chocolate, and cuddled with friends as they cheered for their school. The teams played 25 minute halves, except for the second half where a Super Bowl repeat occurred: the stadium lights shut down with 8:14 to go, and Warner held lead 38-31.

The men had a month worth of practice before this, and most of the George Fox team was made up of the intramural team, Cool Running, that won the flag football championship. Students who were interested in playing were added.

In the first half the Bruins kicked off to the Knights and they scored the first touchdown of the night, 6-0. Jordan scored the first Bruin touchdown to tie the game.

Warner Pacific had possession, but lost it when freshman Shawn Kirby intercepted, and senior Zach Mendon scored the second touchdown as they stole the lead with the extra point, 13-6. The Knights responded with a touchdown and a one point conversion to tie the game, 13-13.

The Knights took the lead once again, as they intercepted the ball and scored to lead 19-13. Mendon scored again to tie the game, but the Knights closed the half with three seconds left to give them the lead, 26-19.

In the second half, George Fox added another touchdown, but Warner replied, 32-25 with 20:00 minutes left. George Fox scored one more time before the lights went out, but Warner closed the game as they added another touchdown, 38-31.

The tradition of playing flag football against Warner Pacific began three years ago, and Warner has swept all of contests, including this one. The game’s ending will not be played; instead, the two teams will meet again next year.

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