The Crescent

“Divinely Orchestrated”

March 16, 2014

Kelly Simonsen could hear the song God was calling her to be a part of. She could see the roles the other members of her team were meant to play. Yet, there were a few troublesome notes—money notes to be exact.

In the summer, Simonsen will be traveling Romania/Moldova to serve there. The cost is $3,600 for each member of the team, a cost that Simonsen called “daunting,” but she has consistently been reminded that God is orchestrating this situation and always provides when people are faithful in following his will.

“I really wanted to make sure that it was God’s will for me to go and not just my desire to travel,” said Simonsen.

In answer to prayers God showed her in a very definite way that she was meant to serve him in this way.

“If you are accepted [to go on the trip] you have to put down a $180 deposit. I remember that I have one uncashed check from my summer job. I pull it out of the drawer and discover the check is for $180.81!” said Simonsen.

This was the first of many ways God has provided for the funding of this trip so far.

Later in January, Simonsen said, “I realize I have a deadline coming up, and since the $775 in January, only $75 more has come through. I wrestle with being grateful for the generosity of the people supporting me, and being frustrated that I have so little control over this process, and trying so hard to trust God. The very day after I worried about my personal savings, Sarah Baldwin posts on our summer serve Facebook page that she would like to hire one of us to help her family get ready for their move. I jump on the opportunity! It is exactly what I needed!”

A third time, as another deadline approached, Simonsen was short $800.

“As of a week before the deadline I am at $1000, and I need to be at $1800,” said Simonsen. “A few days before my fundraising deadline I call my mom to catch up and tell her about my week. She tells me that she and my Dad put $1000 into my account. I start crying on the phone. By this point I honestly thought I wasn’t going to meet my deadline. I was so overwhelmed by God’s provision. He kept saying he would provide, and sure enough, he did!”

Through his constant provision and encouragement, Simonsen learned that God “divinely orchestrated” everything.

“God keeps telling me that he works in mysterious ways, and continues to tell me to trust him. It’s a bit of a reoccurring theme in our relationship,” said Simonsen. “I know though that God will provide. He has made it abundantly clear that this trip is what he wants for me, and he is using this opportunity to exponentially grow my trust of him.”

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