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Commuter Parking Problems

March 19, 2013

Commuter Parking already a sore subject?  The Crescent has already put out your average “parking problems” column…  But today I bring you much more current news. News of a revolution!

construction blocks parking spaces

construction blocks parking spaces

cones blocks parking spaces

cones block parking spaces

overflow busses

busses blocking parking spaces in overflow lot

I arrived at the Commuter Lot at 9:55 today.  I drove in a few circles and noticed a construction truck and trailer full of supplies blocking about 5 spots… can’t park there! Then there were some orange cones blocking four spots… can’t park there! I continued to drive to the Le Shana/overflow lot… this is where the busses are kept, and conveniently blocking about ten more spots.  See pictures above.

Recently some of my commuter friends have used their critical thinking and problem solving skills to find alternate parking in the “L” shaped area of the far NW corner of the lot.  This area, when parked facing north along the longer curb, provides about four more spots to commuters.  They had realized this and were parking there very easily and practically for about a week …until they were given tickets for “parking in an unmarked spot.”  Compare Figure 1 to Figure 2 Below.  I was proud of these thinkers for coming up with a solution, and am now very disappointed that Campus Security had to disapprove.  Since commuter parking is such an ordeal, why don’t they mark these 4 more spaces, for us, which will give four less people per day a reason to complain?

NW Corner with 4 cars parked in space

(FIGURE 1) NW Corner with four cars parked in space

NW Corner with one car parked in the open space

(FIGURE 2) NW Corner with one car parked in space

I know freedom of speech is one thing, but I am also going to express this concern to ASC, (Hi Bryan Kasler!) and I hope that others will do the same.  I would at least like this problem to be looked into, is there a reason we can’t mark the new spaces?  Something the students aren’t realizing? Something we should know? If it’s a matter of funds, George Fox could use the surplus in revenue from our tickets to pay for it!

Answers please! Thank you.

-The Commuters

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