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Double Take

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February 10, 2017
Photo Story by Katie Culbertson   Audrey O’Farell arrives at our photo shoot with her arms full. Soft knit sweaters and shimmery blouses in shades of pink, mauve and black spill out of her hands in a snuggly, wintery waterfall; she lays the sweaters over the sofa and hands me a bag. “I have more stuff,” she says, “and that bag is just shoes.” Pink velvet booties, black pointy-toed shoes, gold loafers–for a second I’m a little jealous, but my attention shifts like a magpie to the vintage suitcase of fantastic statement pieces twin sisters Erica and Amanda Guest have just opened. These two appear to be inspired by menswear: I see cropped dress pants, striped turtlenecks and beautiful oversized coats in subdued tones of camel and gray. I’ve given the models freedom to choose whatever they want to wear for this project, and what they select is a beautiful and intimate glimpse into their identities. What inspires them to dress outside the lines at college? “Part of me likes to stand out a little bit, but I also don’t want to be too…is ostentatious a good word?” said senior Maddie Hayes,  ”I kind of like the double take. Like, ‘oh, that’s kind of cool.’” Hayes describes her approach to style as classic with a splash of edge; on a typical day, she’ll layer combinations of chunky knits, high-waisted trousers, and softer pieces in chiffon or satin. “I like to take certain silhouettes and kind of expand on them,” she says. Junior fashion design student Johnny Kang’s favorite color is pale pink, a color he’s drawn to in his designs and in his wardrobe. O’Farrell, Erica, and Amanda style an outfit for him that include his favorite go-to’s: black straight-leg jeans, a black tee, an oversized denim jacket and, of course, a cozy hoodie in ballerina pink. “I don’t want to dress like every other guy,” he says. For Kang, Hayes, O’Farrell,  Erica, and Amanda, clothing represents self-discovery, art, and freedom to express themselves boldly. Each one of them finds uniquely artistic way to communicate their complex selves using fashion. As we wander into an empty field to take pictures, the models blend into the Northwest landscape almost magically. The wind whips their coats about, and they laugh; their smiles and confidence are just as beautiful as the mist tumbling over the mountain behind them. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 100%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */

School Style: Letterman Jackets

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November 13, 2015
  Ah, the nostalgia of a letterman’s jacket. This classic wardrobe staple, a man’s jacket with elasticized sleeves, a boxy shape, and a snap closures, has been around since as early as the 19th century, when Harvard University brought them into vogue for their baseball team. The bright school colors, raised emblems and football numbers of this garment, sometimes also called a varsity jacket, bring to mind crisp fall afternoons spent at football rallies eating cracker jacks and caramel apples. In former days, a player would often lend his letterman’s jacket to his girlfriend, who would wear it proudly to show others that she was “taken.” Today, lovers of vintage fashion can enjoy experimenting with the letterman’s jacket. Below I list a few ideas to try; but don’t limit yourself to just one or two looks, because the possibilities are endless!   Go classic Wear your letterman’s jacket like a gal in the forties would have: paired with a pleated skirt, a crisp blouse, and penny-loafers or brogues. To be even more authentic, try curling your hair and tying it back with a ribbon. Add red lipstick to turn up the forties effect!   Go edgy Take a cue from artists and celebrities like Gabriel Aplin and Gigi Hadid, who combine the vintage kitchiness of the letterman jacket with modern edge. In her music video “Home,” Aplin wears ripped jeans, a graphic tee, sheer socks, and block-heel sandals. Her hair is cut in choppy bangs and is styled to look mussed and undone. Hadid pairs her distressed, dark-toned jacket with jeans and black ankle booties, along with a sweater slung casually around her hips. Her hair is sleekly parted down the middle and her makeup is modern and simplistic. For this look, the jacket is clearly the focal point to an otherwise streamlined outfit. Go fancy Nothing is so unexpectedly elegant as the pairing of a fancy dress with a menswear coat. So if you’re feeling especially daring this Friday night, add a little masculine to your feminine by throwing a varsity jacket over your going-out ensemble. For maximum effect, wear a bodycon-fit dress and keep your shoes and accessories simple; this will help to balance the bulkiness of the jacket. Every era leaves future generations with defining cultural expressions in the form of clothing. The letterman jacket is one of those classic garments that keeps us both warm and stylish more than one hundred years after its invention. Have fun experimenting with this iconic fashion staple!

School Style: '90s Grunge

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November 10, 2015
A young woman walks across her college campus wearing a short black dress with torn, knee-high black stockings and clunky Doc Martens. A few years ago, she might have been the recipient of some judgmental stares. But in 2015, ’90s grunge is a real thing, and her fashion sense is right on the money. What is ’90s grunge, anyway? Acid wash blue jeans and chokers come to mind, as do short, choppy haircuts and plaid shirts slung lazily around hips. Think back to movies like Clueless, and shows like My So Called Life; the decade of the ’90s had a distinct look that was both carelessly simple and purposefully frumpy. The 2015 take on ’90s grunge thrives on minimalism, so when you’re shopping online (or in your parents’ basement), look for shades of black and white. A white tee with rolled sleeves tucked into a pair of slightly baggy high-rise jeans is a perfect place to start. If I could choose a word to describe 90’s grunge, it would be “substantial.” Nothing about it is frilly or ethereal; the fabrics of grunge are hefty denim, wool, and stiff cotton. This look has to come across as carefree: you got up this morning, grabbed a mug of black coffee, and threw on your clothes before hurrying off to band practice. This style is not for the faint of heart, but it is blessedly easy, and the sturdy fabrics and full coverage silhouettes are perfect for the colder months. The look goes from frumpy to luxe when silhouettes like boxy turtleneck sweaters are recreated in quilted cotton, in various shades of soft pink, mustard, and baby blue. Even baggy overalls get a fresh interpretation with gold hardware and cuffed hems. If you’re needing inspiration for your own foray into ’90s grunge, check out sites like NastyGal, Asos, and Sabo Skirt. ’90s grunge might be a style none of us thought would come back. But back it is, with brushed-cotton vengeance; I’m sure Claire Danes would be proud.

The Weekly Dress with Melissa Harris: Happy Holiday Dresses!

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December 11, 2014
    Looking forward to all of those Christmas and New Year’s parties… what to wear, what to wear. As the holidays approach in this crazy and busy season, let what you wear be the least of your worries. It is possible to look fantastic, make your friends envious, and still keep your budget intact.       There are of course great black and white possibilities, as well as the classic red. Sequence and flash are always in, especially when it comes to the shoe. Your outfit can be more muted as you dress it up with a powerful pair of shoes, or chunky necklaces and earrings. And remember that great clutch purses are always in and fun to carry. And if its comfort you’re looking for, making a statement piece with colored jeans and a blouse is always good too.       It’s also good to play with your hairstyle. Try pulling your hair back in a tight and slick bun or making it wavy and letting it fall down off your shoulders. There are also eye-catching hair accessories with feathers and rhinestone pieces that will add to your look.   This Week’s Top Tip: The holidays can be a stressful time. It’s okay to dress down, but treat yourself to at least one time where you get to dress it up. Grab some once-loved or seldom-used clothes and shoes from your closet. You can also play it up with your make-up being on the lighter and simpler side, paired with a drastic eye shadow or lipstick. Don’t forget that second hand is always recommended and be bold enough to live outside your box.  

The Weekly Dress With Melissa Harris: Men’s Trends Welcome Back Letterman Jackets

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November 26, 2014
    Fall fashion doesn’t discriminate against gender, so why should we? Let’s let the boys in on all the fun. Layering is always in for looking great in the cold weather with sweaters, scarves and jackets complimented with ties. But something we haven’t seen for a while is Letterman jackets. Yes, the jackets you wore in high school with your school’s logo on it. Back in style on a major level you say… yes, and they are hot. We can also see a trend in tandem with these jackets in the lower v-cut, three button “old man” sweater. This style looks great over a dress shirt and tie or even with a t-shirt.             These looks can be playful for a day on campus, a Friday night football game, or worn for a job interview. You can also go so far as to having the George Fox logo put on your jacket or sweater. There is a local shop in Hillsboro called LaHaie’s, which deals exclusively in putting logos on jackets, sweaters, and even socks. So let your college pride show and flaunt your great fashion sense. And bow ties seem to be making it through the seasons too, so compliment your look with a great solid or patterned print. Don’t be shy to buy second hand, especially if you are on a budget. These items can be found new or used. Bargain hunting isn’t just for the ladies.     This Week’s top Tip: Don’t be afraid to put a little thought into your daily duds. The ladies like a man who can dress for the occasion, beyond sport shorts and sneakers. Having some play in your wardrobe can be as simple as owning a few key pieces.    

The Weekly Dress With Melissa Harris: Staying Warm and Stylish!

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November 24, 2014
    Walking around campus feeling the chill of winter… we can be prepared and not sacrifice our unique style just to bundle up. There are so many great ways to layer, and also to cover the head, neck and hands while still looking fantastic! We can see the latest in matching headbands, gloves, scarves and hats that match and go great together. There are so many choices from knit and cotton scarves, fingerless gloves and mittens to breathable athletic material that we can wear for our outside workouts. The Blue Zone bookstore even has great fleece bands with our school logo on them.               The infinity scarf is a great cold weather accessory as it bundles around the neck and doesn’t slip or fall down like a regular scarf might. The scarf is a wonderful alternative to wearing a necklace because it’s simple, warm and can really play up an outfit. The big knit scarf is great as well, thrown over the shoulder or just hanging down. The newest headbands can be just a simple one color design, or show off large flowers and ribbons woven in and out of it. You can also wear a traditional thin hair band accessory around the larger knit band around to accent your long locks and add some flare.     Short hair is also fun to work with, as a great band or knit hat can have your shorter do curling out from underneath. The possibilities are endless, so express yourself and stay warm!   This Week’s Top Tip: Dress appropriately for the weather conditions, including covering your head, hands and feet. This can be your last line of defense for staying healthy. The other trick is controlling your cool downs from your work outs, especially when you exercise outside. This is a tough one, but it can be a major way to get sick if not done properly. Bundle up even though you will be sweating, take your Vitamin D and C, and stay hydrated.

The Weekly Dress with Melissa Harris: Here come the blouses!

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October 29, 2014
As the warm weather is coming to a close, we can start thinking about how to warm up without going right to the sweater or the big heavy winter coat. And if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, you know this means layering with blouses.   These little numbers are from Here are some great examples of our GFU women sporting patterned blouses with bright colors. Layer your blouse with a tank top underneath as the warm weather fades out, and then as it gets colder, you can do a light sweater or jean jacket. These great blouses can be paired with jeans, skirts or even dressed up with a blazer and some jewelry like a brooch or fashion button at the top of your lapel. You can even go super biker chic by wearing your fantastic blouse under a great leather or motorcycle jacket. And if you ride a motorcycle, you can wear these ensembles when you are riding around town. Fall means layering and discovering some amazing combos to keep you warm and look great doing it. The next couple of weeks, we will be looking at what is trending for Halloween costumes this year, so stay tuned, it’s going to be a great year for fun fashion experimentation. Elise Porter, Senior This week’s top tip: Don’t be afraid to take risks. Step out of your comfort zone and buy some great pieces that might have more color than you’re used to. Buy some great heels for parties or going out at night with your friends. Your great new shoes can even be the focal point of your outfit, and this means that you don’t have to wear much in the way of accessories. Less is more ladies, less is more. Cydney Thompson, Senior      

The Weekly Dress with Melissa Harris: Get Ready for Halloween!

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October 23, 2014
Halloween is only a few weeks away, so the window of time for costume shopping is shrinking. For many of us it can be difficult to decide whether or not to dress up in costume, stay home to hand out candy, or find the right gathering to be a part of. Zombie costumes are of course back on track with the fan base for so many TV shows and movie trends, but not everyone wants to be gory, especially if you are handing out candy to small children or working at your church harvest party. Whether you decide to stay home or go out, here are some fun (not frightening) ideas that range from higher in price to minimal cost, as well as where to find stuff. These costumes that are trending for this year are upwards of thirty dollars. If money isn’t as much of an issue you can find these costumes at and your local Halloween store. “Flo” from the Progressive Insurance commercials   “Stewardess, “Mary Poppins-ish” and “Pajama Party”   For those who don’t have as much time to put something together,  you can always  just buy a great vintage eighties t-shirt from 80’s for around twenty dollars. They have tees for every taste, from cartoons to sappy John Hughes movies. And for the ladies, you can always fall back on music and movie icons. It can be fun to visit your local second-hand stores to get leg warmers, chiffon skirts, and brightly patterned shirts and accessories. Don’t forget to tease or crimp your pony tail and tie it up with a bow or a scarf. You can also find crazy, colorful and fluffy prom or bridesmaid dresses at your local second-hand store or Goodwill to compliment your wild pony tail. Pair with combat boots and fingerless gloves to show off your tribute to all of the eighties movies that made you fall in love with so many great characters. If you are feeling really daring, coordinate with a group of friends and have your own theme party.                   This week’s tip: Try on some fun, brightly colored wigs and look to play around with face paint, make-up and glitter. Worst comes to worst in the search for costume ideas, Halloween stores sell great separate pieces as well as full costumes.        

Fall Fashion Coming to Life

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October 10, 2014
The weather is changing, as you may have noticed. The leaves are turning different colors, and even though the sun is still out, we are now seeing the ushering in of a new season. Yes, it’s time for fall. So pack away your rainbow flip flops, shorts, and  leather sandals with love and say good bye to them until next year. But cheer up! There are some things we have to look forward to, and as you can see by these pictures, the students of George Fox University have already started to pack away summer looks and are definitely paying attention to what is trending for this new season. We can see that boots are always going to come back for the new season and this year there are so many different options. There are knee high boots to wear with skinny jeans; ankle cut boots worn with loose fitting denim; and we are seeing that the folded down leather boots with laces have made their way back as well. If you are tired of always wearing your boots with denim, or pants in general, don’t be afraid to pair your boots with a fantastic mini skirt or the “go to” just above the knee casual cotton dress. These looks can be pulled off with knee high boots, or ankle high boots with tights and socks. Don’t be afraid to pair your look with a faux leather jacket or even a great blazer. Brightly colored pieces are always in, but try to stay away from mixing patterns. We saw this last season and there is a reason why it didn’t last long. This week’s top tip: Don’t be afraid to use colored eye shadow. Stray away from the neutral norm, and add a little color to your bottom lid. Try using eye shadow as your liner, instead of liquid or pencil liner. It’s cheaper, cleaner, and more defining. Remember that your eyes can also be your best accessory without looking like your mom in her 80’s high school prom photo. Britta Walen- GFU Sophomore

Spring Trends Heat Up

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March 6, 2014
It may be gray and rainy in Newberg, but spring trends are heating up. Sheer tops are highly in style this season and can be seen as girly or sporty, depending on the color and design of the top. Black and white graphic prints were seen at the Spring Fashion Show on skirts, jackets, jumpsuits, blazers, and dresses. Embellished details bring an elegant feel to clothing this season. To make itmore casual, pair an embellished shirt with boyfriend jeans, or go fancy by wearing an embellished dress with ballet flats. Florals are a high favorite this season. A favorite on dresses, this trend can also be seen on leggings, and maxi skirts.

Orange is the new Black.

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March 6, 2014
When I think of the color orange I think of . . . oranges, (shocking, I know), carrots, my old Harriet the Spy VHS tape (90’s kid moment), the Nickelodeon sign, and probably the last color I would want to wear out in public. BUT word on the street is orange is the new black. One of the upcoming trends for Spring is the color orange. It adds a splash of life and sass to any outfit. Seen all over the runways for Spring 2014 in shoes, accessories and even has been called the “it lip” color as of late. Some quick and easy ways to work orange into your wardrobe is to start out with the accessories. Switch out your tired winter bag for a brightly colored orange one. Tote your books around campus in a chic vibrant bag! Who knows, maybe it’ll make studying more fun? Wishful thinking most likely.   Another great start is adding orange to your outfit with a skirt or blazer. Subtle ways to spice up your life. If you aren’t comfortable with this color quite yet, starting with one piece will turn it into the outfit’s staple piece without causing you to go too far out of your color comfort zone. Turn it up a notch and strut your orange from head to toe. Rock an orange dress or feel sassy in some orange heels. If you are feeling like an adventurous fashionista you could even try out some orange fur. I don’t know if I could say I would, but hey, rock it if you got it! “Yeah, no way am I going to wear orange!” then consider just painting your nails. I am a huge nail polish addict, or nail polish-a-holic if you will. This is a super easy way to incorporate this trend in your day-to-day life without having to do much at all! Get spring and summer ready with your best orange foot forward. That was cheesy, I know. Start simple with a bag or nail polish and work your way up to full-on outfits. Own that orange! Stay stylish and stuff like that…