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Best Tacos on Hwy 99W

February 10, 2017

Photo by Shelby Bauer 

In the Oregonian’s recent article cataloging the best tacos on 99W, Dos Mundos Food Cart was featured as serving “one of the state’s best fish tacos,” and earned the No. 1 spot on the newspaper’s list.

Eddie Rodriguez works with his father, chef Jesús Rodriguez, and his mother, Miriam Rodriguez, at the recently opened Dos Mundos Food Cart. The cart stands in the parking lot outside
the Starbucks.

Dos Mundos Food Cart’s Facebook page says their restaurant serves “authentic Oaxacan style dishes with an American twist.” They prepare a variety of dishes from enchiladas and fish tacos to other delicacies such as alligator and cricket tacos.

Jesús, his wife, and his son opened the restaurant on May 22, 2016. Jesús had experience working in Californian restaurants and Miriam brought her knowledge of traditional Oaxacan recipes as they prepared their menu.

At first, the Rodriguez family had doubts about Dos Mundos’s survival.

“We weren’t sure how things were going to turn out,” said Rodriguez. “We were a little bit nervous. We’ve had some thoughts of
closing down.”

The food cart gained statewide attention after a few months, however. In Sept. 2016, Dos Mundos was featured in the Wall Street Journal, along with several other Newberg businesses.

“That was a huge deal for us. My mom and my dad were both happy, but we didn’t necessarily expect what was going to happen next,” Eddie
Rodriguez said.

Within a few weeks, the Rodriguez family saw a significant increase in customers. They had about 125 people a day come in wanting to try their tacos, said Eddie.

When the Oregonian rated Dos Mundos’s fish tacos as the best taco on Highway 99W, the small business saw another increase in
customer numbers.

Rodriguez said his family enjoys Newberg for its farmland and wineries, and they hope to continue serving the community in the future.

“We want to stay here,” said Rodriguez. “We want continue making people
happy here.”

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