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Be The Match

September 30, 2013

Article by Jessica Stanton
Photos by Kosette Isakson

It has been a long road of ups and downs for Dianna McIntyre, Assistant Director of the International Student Services at George Fox University. She is waiting for a stem cell match so her Non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer will go into remission.

The Be the Match Drive is an opportunity to save a life, possibly Dianna McIntyre’s. The drive was held in the Cap and Gown Room on campus by Evangeline Pattison, Director of Alumni and Parent Relations, and Sarah King, Director for Institutional Research and Analysis. The primary hope for the drive was to help Dianna find a match.

Haley Bellows, senior social work major, sold her EFF Cancer shirts at the drive, to help raise funds for her personal medical expenses to fight non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Bellows has a match in her sister Kelcie if she needs to have a bone marrow transplant after her third try with chemotherapy.

Bellows was diagnosed with cancer in April 2012. She initially had pains in her uterus area, but thought it was just menstrual cramps. When the pain got worse, Haley went to the doctor. She was told that she had swollen lymph nodes and fibroid.

For more on McIntyre and Bellows journey, see page 4 in our Oct. 2 issue.

  1. Thanks for the article on this wonderful event. One thing though, Haley was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma, not endometrial cancer.

    1. Thanks for clarifying Mackenzie. We will change that.

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