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Be “Known” with “Anonymous at George Fox”

February 13, 2013

Do you have something important to say to the George Fox community—such as your feelings on the Lifestyle Agreement, women’s rights in the church, or that cute girl in your science class—but you don’t want to proclaim it from the Quad? If this dilemma sounds familiar, a solution now exists: Facebook’s “Anonymous at George Fox” page.

The page was created (anonymously, of course) on Jan. 12, with this simple message: “Got a story that you want to share but don’t want to put your name on it?” Facebookers are assured the page is “completely anonymous” and no one, not even the page’s administrator, will know the identities of those who post. If you do have a story you want to share, you simply click on the link that takes you to SurveyMonkey and type up your thoughts.

“Anonymous at George Fox” bears a remarkable resemblance to other Web sites and pages. The many posts that begin with “There’s this girl/boy…” are reminiscent of LikeALittle, a site (no longer in service) that allowed college students to post anonymous compliments and flirtatious comments directed at a special someone. Many other universities have Facebook pages similar to “Anonymous”; University of Oregon, Oregon State University, and University of Portland are just a few local colleges to have “confessions” pages on Facebook.

There are, however, a few key differences between George Fox’s anonymous forum from those for other schools. The administrators of the “Anonymous” page have posted that they “moderate [the posts] for personal attacks, inappropriate content, etc. but will not edit or change the meaning of a submission.” Therefore, only the most mild language or content ever appears in a post. On other schools’ pages, you will not find such moderation: just visit a Facebook confessions page from a public university and count the expletives and graphic descriptions.

At the time of this article’s writing, “Anonymous at George Fox” has received 442 “likes” and posts an average of 2-5 stories a day. Will such a controversial setting for sharing and “discussion” stick around? As the old saying goes, “Only time will tell.”

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