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ASC Student Fund Overview

November 7, 2013

George Fox boasts on a variety of funds for students to utilize, and many students are unaware of the financial resources to which they have access. The Associated Student Community manages these funds and receives student proposals for their use. According to the ASC website, these funds allow that “a student of George Fox University [has] the ability to get [his or her] social or academic concerns and personal endeavors funded.”

Below is a brief overview of each fund.

Social Responsibility Fund

This account was formed to increase student involvement into communities outside of the immediate campus. The ASC site says that “as Christians we believe it is our responsibility to care for God’s creation and love His children. The creation of this fund is a step in this direction.” The fund, at a total of $2,000 per school year, will allow work through organizations and individuals that ASC sees fit to support.

Student Project Fund

On-campus projects are the focus of this account. Students who have an idea for a permanent addition to the campus are encouraged to bring the suggestion to ASC. Some past funded projects include the fire pit, the pond in the Bruin Den, and the amphitheater. The ASC Vice President oversees this account.

Community Life Fund

This fund is intended to allow current students to participate in community-building events that are spiritually uplifting. A student may request for up to $5 per individual attending the event. Applicants may propose an event up to two times per semester, and must have the approval of the ASC Representative Committee.

Academic Pursuit Fund

Any student who wants to become involved in an academic study either on campus or elsewhere may apply to use this fund. Examples of academic pursuits include attending conferences, making presentations in a field of study, or working with organizations to deepen a student’s scholastic experience. This fund is totaled at $18,000 per school year. Any student who gains approval must submit a reflective response to ASC.

A proposal must be submitted to ASC for the use of any funds. For more information, go to


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