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ASC Elections night: Who is running and why

March 17, 2014
The ASC election speech night was held at 8 p.m. in Hoover 103. All candidates running for a Central Committee positions were present and given a speech time slot, followed by a Q and A time. A raffle drawing took place giving away a free mini iPad.

Before speeches began, ASC President Justin Vanier shared his overall impression of the campus, ASC and where he would like to ASC move towards in the future.

“We are real students and our job is to voice the needs and the concerns of the students; make sure that things they need take place, “ said Vanier.

“The campus is heading in a direction where there is a lot going on. The current ASC team has direction and heading into a place with a lot go on. It has been a really intense year and we might have had some foolish ideas about what needed to take place,” said Vanier.

As of now, what is left for the 2014-13 ASC team, they will be working to define the ASC Constitution and its bylaws.

The current Central team has also made some huge changes. They moved the ministry positions over to SpIL, completed a restructuring from the top down with positions of ASC members, and worked to make a more complete pay system for all students employed under ASC.

“It is much cleaner now,” said Vanier.

He believes the future of ASC will need to increase student representation, meaning a possible student senate and a team of past ASC members to be on an advisor board.

“I am really excited because there is growth and change and moving forward,” said Vanier. “And everyone really cares about how you grow in this place. And yet, the choice is to serve, something we all a part of it no matter what. We need to ask our selves how we will serve and always be serving, leading, and loving all the time,”

Once Vanier finished his speech, the candidates began their speeches.

Moriah Kimmer, running for vice president of Activities, came from a public school so was rather hesitant about the GFU atmosphere. It was after she attended some activities and met people and made memories that her view changed. Because of her personal experience, she wants to help other students create memories and feel like they belong, too.

“I am looking to create a calendar so students can be more aware of what is going on sooner,” said Kimmer.

Tausha Rene, current ASC vice president of finance, is running for another term. She confessed that before she came to GFU her view of service was very limited and narrow, but seeing a wild world of service positions had a revelation that service is not narrow. She applied to be assistant treasurer and then in the months following, the vice president of finance position was open and she stepped in.

“I found a way to serve[as the VP of Finance]. This position puts the things I love, math and numbers together, and allows me to serve in a way that works for me,” said Rene.

Rene knows that almost half a million dollars in the ASC budget is a lot of money to have one person oversee; if she is elected, she will be hiring an assistant to help her keep track of all the transactions. If she is elected she is looking forward to having a clean slate and will work on getting reimbursements to people the following day.

Josiah Nuzum is running for the vice president of Marketing and Communications. Nuzum, if elected, wants to make all the communication efforts as fluid as possible and establish a concrete was of making sure students are heard.

“I want people to remember the ways ASC connected them, “ said Nuzum.

Nuzum will work towards making ASC jobs clear and work on getting that information to students.

Taylor Dick is running for vice president of representation. She has loved politics since the time she was four years old. She enjoys politics and the idea of representing people.

“I like the idea of what others should do and what the team [Central] should do to to get more people involved,” said Dick.

Dick is also interested in getting more diverse people with other backgrounds involved in ASC.

Mizi Martinez, the second candidate running for vice president of representation, desires to represent and inform students about what ASC does. Her first year at GFU she was confused about what ASC was and how it helps students.

“I believe in making relationships with diverse students and believes that ASC needs to embrace more diversity,” said Martinez.

If elected Martinez will stand for being a voice to listen to students, not just to hear their ideas and what is working with ASC, but to know their story and not just let those voices become white noise, but speak into the majority culture.

The last candidate running for vice president of representation is Noah Smith. Smith see the GFU community becoming a place where students are more than known but ideas and opinions are known.

“Free flowing ideas and expression is available and a place where students are not alienated because of their beliefs,” said Smith.

Smith stated that his heart hurts when he hears that others are hurt when their different opinions or life styles are alienated.

Smith also apologized for his poster slogan that offended students.

Madison Tarpley is running for Executive Vice President on the same ticket with Jake Vanier running as ASC Presdent. Both candidates have a passion for GFU and believes they understand a little more of the purpose of ASC. Their goal, if elected will be to strive after building one campus united. They, as a team, will push to increase communication with resident life.

“We want to be a consistent force in the midst of change,” said Vanier, “We want students to be a part of what is next.”

Vanier is also aware of the perception of following in his brother’s footsteps. This is not the first time he has been behind his brother, and they are different. Jake processes differently than his brother Justin, and he sees this as a strength and unique asset to leading the team next year.

Tarpley, if elected, is hoping to use the resources ASC has to impact more students and gather more of their opinions.

The evening ended with Michal Nakashimada asking all students present to go to MyGFU and vote.

Click here to vote for the 2014-2013 ASC Central Committee Officers.

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