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Art Student Kalissa Brooks Shares her Artistic Journey; ‘We’ll just have to wait and see where God takes me.’

March 10, 2014

Double majoring in graphic design and studio arts, George Fox University junior Kalissa Brooks keeps a full schedule.

Upon enrolling at the college in the fall of 2011, Brooks’ artistic talents were almost immediately recognized as the submission of her artistic portfolio earned her the university’s art scholarship.

“I have been passionate about the arts for as long as I can remember,” says Brooks, “I was initially only involved in studio arts but after getting involved in graphic design work I discovered that it was something I really enjoyed, too.”

On campus, Brooks can often be spotted in the Steven’s building graphic design lab, working on her most recent technical illustrations, something that she claims to be her favorite part of her major.

Though currently the majority of Brooks’ artistic works are completed for academic purposes, she strives to share her creations.

Throughout the course of this school year Brooks has submitted multiple pieces for consideration to the university’s student art show, the Hagios book of student artwork, and the Beaverton symphony poster contest, all of which she expects to have positive outcomes.

When not working on personal projects, Brooks continues her involvement in the art community through serving on multiple art committees and making preparations for the end of the year, student art, Lippy Awards.

“I’m a very driven person. I like to interact and get to know people through getting involved,” says Brooks. “I encourage everyone to come to the art events.”

In looking towards the future Brooks hopes that she may one day obtain a job as an art professor but claims that a position as a graphic designer in a large corporation is suitable in the meantime.

“I guess we’ll just have to wait and see where God takes me,” she says.

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